50% of WWF Donation Target Reached by Paradise Lost in Second Life

Funds raised for WWF by Paradise Lost in Second Life as of April 14, 2014
Funds raised for WWF by Paradise Lost in Second Life as of April 14, 2014

It is with enormous pleasure that I am able to announce that we have reached 50% of our L$250,000 charitable goal in support of our adopted baby mountain gorilla, Ihoho. Through your amazing generosity, this morning we crossed the 50% target on our donation thermometer, equaling L$125,000 or, at today’s conversion: ±$500 USD or ±£300 GBP.

Where the money will go

  • £15 can buy one first aid kit and mosquito net for one dedicated anti-poaching ranger who risks his life to protect mountain gorillas in the uplands of Rwanda
  • £65  could provide one month’s salary for a ranger in Volcanoes National Park, who is protecting the important mountain gorilla population there
  • £120  could buy one year’s supply of clothing and equipment for a ranger e.g. waterproof clothing, sleeping bag, boots and rucksack
  • £240 could help buy a hand held radio for a park ranger’s post in Virunga National Park

Please continue to help

When I consider the excitement, reviews and the opportunities that Paradise Lost in Second Life has resulted in already, I must admit that I at times lose sight of one of the major reasons we’re doing all of this, which is to raise money for all the critically endangered mountain gorillas.

In December of last year, the Basilique Performing Arts Company adopted Ihoho, a male baby mountain gorilla. Ihoho – meaning “incomparable beauty” –  is a member of the Susa family gorilla group, living in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Our Adoption Certificate from WWF
Our Adoption Certificate from WWF

Ihoho was born on the 14th of August, 2011. He, and all the remaining 780 mountain gorillas in the wild, are threatened by

  • snares left for other animals
  • destruction of their forest habitat
  • catching diseases from people entering the forest
  • poaching of baby gorillas for the illegal pet trade
  • conflict with people.

In January 2014, we pledged to give half of all ticket sales, sponsorships and donations to Paradise Lost to the WWF Adopt-A-Gorilla Program to help Ihoho and all the mountain gorillas.

Here is a short film, narrated by David Attenborough, that summarises the challenges faced by the Mountain Gorillas, and specifically features the rangers that work so hard, risking their lives every single day to help them survive. It’s not only beautiful to watch and listen to, it’s also very informative about this very important and challenging conversation issue:

We are half of the way there

Please continue to help us help them by either:

  • Donating to Paradise Lost in Second Life inworld (any amount) at any time
  • Sponsoring a Performance by contacting myself or Harvey Crabsticks (L$12,000 minimum)
  • Buying a ticket to Paradise Lost for yourself and/or a friend on the Marketplace (L$1000 per ticket)
  • Tipping during a Performance (any amount) in the tip jars pictured below

50% of the proceeds from ALL of the above options will help us reach our fundraising goal.

Tip jars_001

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