More Reviews for Paradise Lost in Second Life: The Premieres

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Immediately after a performance of Paradise Lost in Second Life finishes, we send out a form to audience members to capture their immediate impressions of the performance. Here is a sample of spontaneous audience reviews from the Premieres, and we could not be happier with the feedback.

5 stars

Amazing use of SL and wonderful entertainment!

Harper Beresford

5 stars

Stunning performance! Amazing sets and costumes. Loved it!.

Shannon Cardalines

5 Stars

It was just a spectacular event, well done , a huge thanks for all the many hours, days, weeks and months that clearly went into this production!!! I would not have missed it, and we do hope to help the gorilla!


5 stars

Brilliant costumes and sets! Amazing performance… not to be missed!

Rex Romanas

5 stars

The ticket for the show was a gift I received. I had no idea about the topic until the show itself started, but knowing the opera performances on Basilique, I knew it would be worth it. I did not expect it to be so much more than just that. As far as shows go, this has to be the best I have seen – and I am in SL since 2005. Thank you so much.

Kasmo Ebisu

5 stars

Paradise Lost is one of the most ambitious, technically-layered and outstanding productions ever brought to a virtual environment like Second Life. A visually stunning piece, it is a genuinely remarkable experience which demonstrates the sheer power and versatility of Second Life as a venue for complex, immersive visual and performing arts. Five stars and two thumbs up from me!

Inara Pey

5 stars

What I saw was amazing. SL at its best. We will be getting tickets to come to another show and invite our friends.

Josiah Darkbyrd

5 stars

I’m a huge believer in SL and immersive 3D, and have seen (and also built and choreographed) some fairly amazing things in my years inworld. But I’ve been waiting my whole 3D life to see the medium stretched to its lyrical limits the way Basilique has done with Paradise Lost. The production is so brilliantly conceived and gracefully executed that the technology disappears, leaving only a story that burns with magic, passion and immediacy. Run, do not walk, to buy tickets, tell friends, post on social networks, and pray they extend the run: if you care about virtual words, art, theatre, or all three, you cannot afford to miss this watershed production.

John Jainschigg

5 stars

Fantastic! A truly beautiful production. I can’t wait to see more magic from Becky & Harvey at the Basilique!!

Jena Diage

5 stars

The sets and coordination was amazing. Great idea to have the audience dressed and part of the show.

Garvie Garzo

5 stars

Wonderful production. Beautifully executed. I would give 10 stars if I could!

Cayenne Republic

5 stars

This is by far one of the greatest things I have seen in SL, this is what SL should be about and I am very thankful I got to experience this.

October Blackwood

5 stars

Most innovative use of SL interface that I’ve seen for a theater performance.

Beebo Brink

5 stars

I came to the play with no expectations, just to see what was done and be with my partner who loved the press performance. I am stunned of the work that has been put into this show and the quality of it. I tip my hat to Becky and Harvey and all the rest of the crew.

Don Mill

5 stars

This performance far surpassed any thing I expected, the details and execution were carried through with such a fine balance of performance, grace, precision, and awareness of the audience that my mind is blown away. My hope is that I see many more performances like this in my future on SL. Thank you, thank you, and thank you more for your brilliance!

Bastien Berboral

5 stars

In retrospect, in having witnessed something as phenomenal as ‘Paradise Lost’ produced by The Basilique Performing Arts Company; as an aficionado of the arts and things brought to the forefront in highest regards of production; this was absolutely spectacular, gracious and astounding (spectacular, gracious and astounding being the understatement in context as I cannot find the direct words to express my impressed suit). The value, time, effort, casting, story-telling skills, conceptualization, set design, stage work and staging, the baroque element of bringing the audience into the story, the attention to detail; all exceptional. A story of Adam & Eve writhed in such a magnificent way that I’m almost compelled to begin in the book of Genesis to discover what happens next. The accompaniment of Mozart’s art adding an additional 5 stars out of the originally placed 5 – 10/5 if even possible; I’m touched by the effort and success brought through this platform of realistic virtuality. Well Done Basilique.

Forren Ashford, VVON VOICIC™; Production House, Studio, Copy, Exhibit ; Creative Director, Base Overview, Editor est. 2013

5 stars

Fantastic! At every juncture in the performance I could see how much effort has gone into this production to make it entertaining, engaging, immersive and spellbinding. Congratulations to the team on achieving a truly unique theatrical experience. As an Australian, I had to get up at 4.30 am to see today’s show – but I’d come to all of the sessions if I could!

Terag Ershtan

Tickets for all shows through June are available on the Marketplace. NB: Some people have reported not seeing anything listed on the Marketplace page. If that’s the case, select “General, Mature, Adult” on the drop-down called “Show Maturity Levels”.

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