Blog Reviews from the Premieres of Paradise Lost in Second Life

Devils dancing - photo by Caitlin Tobias
Devils dancing – photo by Caitlin Tobias

Paradise Lost in Second Life premiered this past weekend to sold out shows on both Saturday and Sunday. The cast couldn’t be happier with how things went this opening weekend and are very pleased with the feedback so far!

With the first 4/12 shows already sold out, there is only one more show with tickets available in April (the 27th) and that performance has only 7 tickets still available for purchase (as I write this post).

We are so pleased that the show is receiving such excellent reviews from both bloggers and audience members. I’ll share some of the audience reviews in a future post this week; but for now, I’d like to share four reviews that were published this week by Mona Eberhardt, Inara Pey, Laskya Claren and Anais Terpellie. Here are some excerpts from those posts and links to the people and blogs.

As a side note, I deeply appreciate the time and enthusiasm bloggers have taken in writing very thorough reviews. It’s always a major bonus when they are positive, but just that someone would take the time to reflect and comment on one’s work is, for this artist in particular, very, very valuable.

Paradise Lost is the most ambitious, and probably the most important, artistic event in Second Life for 2014…  I highly recommend that you watch this performance, even if it’s the only artistic event you’ll attend in Second Life this year. Even if you’re not artistically inclined. Even if you hear about classical works and turn away. The sensitivity, care, attention to detail, and love that has gone in this production has to be witnessed to be fathomed.

Mona Eberhardt

This is not something you should risk missing. It’s. That. Good. I cannot recommend this production highly enough. It is a genuinely remarkable experience, one which demonstrates the sheer power and capabilities of Second Life as a venue for complex, immersive visual and performing arts. Canary, Harvey and the entire cast are to be congratulated on realising such an amazing production.

Inara Pey

You should attend this event. The brainchild of Canary Beck and Harvey Crabsticks, and featuring a cast of, if not thousands, at least dozens, it is unquestionably the most interesting, engaging, and impressive performances I’ve ever attended in Second Life.

Laskya Claren

I’m deeply impressed!!! That was – no doubts – one of the most interesting, intriguing and exciting events for me in SL!

Anais Terpellie

Tickets for every performance of Paradise Lost in Second Life through June are available on the Marketplace.

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