Basilique Weekly News – No. 12: Ready to leap!

The latest round-up of news coming from Basilique and the Basilique Performing Arts Company.

Top Stories:

  • Press Preview Saturday, March 29th at Noon SLT!
  • Top Tips for Enjoying Paradise Lost
  • Behind the Scenes of Paradise Lost
  • Bloggers get to Blogging
  • Sponsorship places still available
  • Only 5 tickets left for April 6th performance.

Wearing the Audience Avatar, and only the Audience Avatar

Press Preview is Saturday at Noon SLT

We’ve been rehearsing all week for the Press Preview. Every time we rehearse, Harvey and I find yet something else we want to fix. While I’d say we’re 98% there, I’m struggling to balance my near-obsessive perfectionism with relaxing and letting things be. The best thing to do, I’ve decided, is to do our best and take the leap. We’ll take all feedback, and use the following week to either fix every issue, or cut it from the score. It’s time to get ruthless. Ticket Holder_001

Top tips for enjoying Paradise Lost

To my knowledge, Paradise Lost in Second Life is unlike any other theatre performance before it. Because we are taking advantage of so much that Second Life has to offer, many of our recommendations for viewing might be unfamiliar to you. So, I’m going to list my top tips for experiencing Paradise Lost to its fullest.

Here’s the summary:

  1. Wear your ticket once you receive it.
  2. Wear all 4 parts of the avatar we give with the ticket, and nothing else.
  3. Enable RLV in Firestorm.
  4. Optimise your graphic settings.
  5. Turn on your music stream.
  6. Arrive 15 minutes before show time.
  7. Remain seated throughout the performance.
  8. Stay quiet in local chat during the 3 Acts.

And here is the longer version which is a MUST for ticket holders.

A Winning Week for Behind the Scenes of Paradise Lost

Caity Tobias, our official behind-the-scenes Photographer Extraordinaire has been hard at work capturing as many of the sets as she can before the big day, and getting all artsy-fartsy with the Paradise Lost audience avatar. Here is a scene from her post on Adam and Eve’s Hovel, where they live when they are forced out of Eden.

Adam and Eve's hovel in which they are forced to live after Paradise
Adam and Eve’s hovel in which they are forced to live after Paradise

And here is a scene from her post on Egypt, where Adam sees the story of Moses and the Israelites.

Egypt... one of Adam's Visions
Egypt… one of Adam’s Visions

Finally, here is one of Caity’s wonderfully exquisite photos of herself in the Paradise Lost Audience Avatar – Angel form.

Caity in the Audience Avatar – included in every ticket for Paradise Lost

Bloggers get blogging about Paradise Lost

Our many official bloggers got to work this week on releasing stories about Paradise Lost. A highlight for us so far is Fugazi Fitzpatrick’s post reminiscing about his role play days as a fallen angel, and singing Mozart’s Requiem in a choir over a decade ago. We also enjoyed reading Laskya Claren’s take on the importance of Milton’s Paradise Lost in the canon of English literature and the stories and themes we are all familiar with today. And lastly, we loved hearing from our very own Julian Tantalus, who plays Beelzebub, Moses, and several other roles, relates his perspective on signing up and participating in Paradise Lost in Second Life.

Premiere Season Sponsorships Places Still Available

In all the excitement building up to the Premiere date, it’s easy to forget that 50% of all ticket sales, tips, and sponsorship investments are going right to this little guy:

Our Adoption Certificate from WWF
Our Adoption Certificate from WWF

There several sponsorship places left in the premiere season. These are open to individuals or companies. For more information, contact

Trailer Playlist

Now that we have 4 of 7 trailers, we thought it be cool to create a playlist that has them all, for easier sharing (hint, hint!). And here is the playlist that we’ll be adding to with more videos as we create them:

Poster Gallery

Ticketing Update: Only 5 Tickets left for the April 6th (Second) Premiere

Tickets to Paradise Lost in Second Life are on sale now for all performance dates, that have not yet sold out. There are only 5 tickets left for the  2nd Premiere on Sunday, April 6th at noon. If you were unable to get tickets to the Premiere before it sold out, make sure you jump on these tickets because it’s likely they’ll be sold out very, very soon.

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