Basilique Weekly News – No. 11: 1 week till Preview

Picture by Caitlin Tobias
Picture of the detail in Adan and Eve’s Hovel, by Caitlin Tobias

The latest round-up of news coming from Basilique and the Basilique Performing Arts Company.

Top Stories:

  • The Basilique seen through the Oculus Rift – captured by Draxtor Despres
  • Official bloggers announced and press coverage listed
  • Paradise Lost sets appear in Love To Decorate: March/April 2014
  • Sponsorship places still available
  • All scenes ready to go!
  • Only 8 tickets left for April 6th performance.

The Basilique seen through the Oculus Rift – captured by Draxtor Despres

Draxtor Despres, creator behind the DraxFiles World Makers and the DraxFiles Radio Hour with Jo Yardley, uploaded a video a couple of days ago, featuring the Basilique sim. It’s a pretty cool video that shows a facsimile of what the Oculus Rift can do.

From what I gather, the dual fish eye lens effect is only what the viewer sees when projected on a monitor. With the goggles on, the two images combine to make one image in your brain, which provides for a seamless stereoscopic effect.

Harvey very kindly arranged for an Oculus Rift (DK1) to be delivered to me soon, and I am, quite surprised to say, very excited about the idea of trying it out! Why am I surprised? Well, I’m not usually the first to grab the latest gadget, and I try to avoid beta-anything if I possibly can. Still, I certainly can admit to being somewhat envious of what he’s seeing when he tries it on, as he shared in his latest post, when he watched me try some dance moves on the pier. Honestly, Christmas (the speculated commercial release for the Oculus Rift) can’t come early enough!

Official Bloggers Announced and Press Coverage Listed

Thank you to all the bloggers that registered to become Official Bloggers of Paradise Lost. In addition to the 19 bloggers selected to be official bloggers of Paradise Lost, we have hand-selected another 11 bloggers to invite to the Press Preview on Saturday, March 29th. Tickets will be out to ALL of you today. It’s sure to be a fun event!

The agenda is:

12:00 SLT

Meet and Greet the Stars of Paradise Lost

  • The actors arrive on the red carpet between 12 and 12:30 SLT

  • Bloggers will IM them and ask them questions about their involvement

12:30 SLT

All audience members must be in costume (provided in complimentary ticket) and seated by this time.

13:00 SLT

Show begins

14:30 SLT

Show ends

14:45 SLT

All audience members can change out of costumes for filming of a number of repeat scenes.

15:00 SLT

Press Conference with the actors

16:00 SLT

Press Event Ends

Whilst welcoming many new faces to “Team Basilique”, we stay very grateful for the press we have received to date, and I’ve updated this page with all of that coverage, as a token of our gratitude and acknowledgement to our fellow bloggers in the Second Life community. Thank you for all your words and pictures! And, on that note…

Paradise Lost sets and interview appear in Love To Decorate: April 2014

Love To Decorate's Coverage of Paradise Lost in Second Life
Love To Decorate’s Coverage of Paradise Lost in Second Life

We are pleased to see a few sets from Paradise Lost in Second Life featured in this month’s Love To Decorate (LTD) magazine. The piece was written by VeronicaLynn Parx and photographed by our Official Behind-The-Scenes Photographer Extraordinaire, Caity Tobias. After writing the piece, Veronica was so enamoured with our little project, she rented a store in the Piazza where she sells her lovely flower arrangements, and become a sponsor of the April 19th performance of Paradise Lost too!

While flattered that they’d include a preview of our show in a magazine that is devoted to homes and gardens, one suggestion I’d make to the editors of LTD is to up the size on Caity’s amazingly impressive images! When I look really, really close, the ones in the article, they seem just fantastic. Not to worry though, Caity has uploaded a few high-res files to Flickr and has grouped a few of Adam and Eve’s Hovel in her most recent behind the scenes post.

Premiere Season Sponsorships Places Still Available

In all the excitement building up to the Premiere date, it’s easy to forget that 50% of all ticket sales, tips, and sponsorship investments are going right to this little guy:

Our Adoption Certificate from WWF
Our Adoption Certificate from WWF

There several sponsorship places left in the premiere season. These are open to individuals or companies. For more information, contact

Production Notes

And…. we’re ready! After completing our 4th dress rehearsal on Saturday, Harvey and I are confident that we can do the entire show today. Still, we’re just spending the next week punching down our priority list with tweaks we’ve reserved if we had time, which we do! We’ll be aiming to have one more full rehearsal this week – to test everything before the Press Event. With that said, it’s possible (entirely probable) that the Press Event may see some snags. We’re doing our absolute best, but this is show business… so expect the unexpected!

The completed scenes are:

Act One:

  • Introitus: Requiem
  • Kyrie Eleison
  • Dies Irae
  • Tuba Mirum

Act Two

  • Rex Tremendae
  • Recordare
  • Confutatis
  • Lacrimosa

Act Three

  • Domine Jesu
  • Hostias
  • Sanctus
  • Benedictus
  • Agnus Dei
  • Lux Aeterna

Trailer Playlist

Now that we have 4 of 7 trailers, we thought it be cool to create a playlist that has them all, for easier sharing (hint, hint!). And here is the playlist that we’ll be adding to with more videos as we create them:

Poster Gallery

Ticketing Update: 8 Tickets left for the April 6th (Second) Premiere

Tickets to Paradise Lost in Second Life are on sale now for all performance dates, that have not yet sold out. At the moment I write this (Monday morning GMT), there are only 8 tickets left for the  2nd Premiere on Sunday, April 6th at noon. If you were unable to get tickets to the Premiere before it sold out, make sure you jump on these tickets because it’s likely they’ll be sold out very, very soon.

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