William Weaver shoots slaves in Egypt – on the set of Paradise Lost

“Drive you through the night…” by William Weaver

I’ve been an admirer of William Weaver’s photography since I first learned about Firestorm Phototools. Needless to say, I was very excited to hear from him a couple of weeks ago, when he asked me to pose for a shoot.

After showing him a few sets in Paradise Lost in Second Life, William and I decided I’d pose for him in the Egypt set, resulting in the image above.

He then captured some images of Juliet Ford (Juliet in Romeo + Juliet, and Satan in Paradise Lost – played by the lovely and talented Syn Wytchwood).

"Gonna show you where it's dark... but have no fear..." by William Weaver, featuring Juliet Ford
“Gonna show you where it’s dark… but have no fear…” by William Weaver, featuring Juliet Ford

William Weaver (Paperwork Resident in Second Life) is the developer behind Phototools, which

is intended for people who are interested in fine tuning their viewer settings for accurate, customizable and beautiful full-feature picture/image making in Second Life.

It is suitable for both still photography and motion-picture video (screen) capture.

While it was designed with ease of use in mind and the general user, a good understanding of SL photography and/or a willingness to experiment and learn is helpful in getting the most from this tool.

Like many Firestorm users interested in photography in Second Life, I use Phototools extensively for all but the quickest of snapshots. If you’re interested in learning more the background behind this tool, Inara Pey wrote a very thorough post about William’s motivations and the story behind the development.

William created a comprehensive video tutorial in 7 parts for the Firestorm Project. In these you can learn about:

  • Learning about the user interface
  • Easily choosing and adapting wind lights
  • Dynamically adjusting light
  • Manipulating Depth of Field and Glow
  • General render and Interface Aids
  • Cam Tab and Cameratools floaters Water Preset Floaters

If you’re interested in improving your photographic capabilities in Firestorm, this playlist of tutorials is a must see:

To see the results from the maestro himself, check out William Weaver’s Flickr. Be warned, some images are NSFW.

To learn more about still and motion picture creation in Second Life, including a good overview of video cards and hardware recommendations, see William’s website Paperwork Shows.

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