My open, begging-bowl letter to Van Auster of POST

Dear Van Auster of POST:

This January, I wrote a post about our new theatre, which turned out to be more about our old theatre (the Basilique Playhouse – which I adore), did you see it? We used this little building here:

Anyway, have you heard of Paradise Lost in Second Life? Well, it’s kind of this little project Harvey and I have worked on for… about 1000+ hours so far (!) Well, we knew we’d need a much larger theatre than the Basilique Playhouse, where we presented Romeo + Juliet. (Have you heard of Romeo + Juliet in Second Life? We used about 270 prims of your candles for that alone!) Here’s a picture of that in last August’s AVENUE magazine:

Romeo + Juliet in AVENUE Magazine 6

Well, for Paradise Lost in Second Life, we’ve again used one of your beautiful buildings. Despite Max Butoh banning Harvey and me from The Chamber because we used your Giudecca Shops in our Piazza and it reminded him a bit too much of the Chamber reception…

Van… I gave up the Chamber for you – now you’ve gotta know that’s true love!

Which brings me to the point of my overlong letter… Van, I just really wish you’d sponsor Paradise Lost in Second Life!  I know, I know, I haven’t even yet asked you, but consider this as the first salvo?

So why did we choose your Basilica for our theatre? Well, for starters, it’s massive. Measuring at 96x49M it’s one of the biggest buildings we could get our hands on that still fit the environment. Weighing in at a hefty 898 prims, however, it’s a significant investment in terms of land impact. While I love it, please make a mesh one!

Second, the Basilica fits perfectly into the setting of Basilique (see above), which is inspired by lakefront Italian towns in Northern Italy. Of course I just love your whole line of Venetian buildings, and I think we make use of nearly every one. You know about the Piazza already…

Here is the Chapel…

A view of our Umbrella Installation
A view of our Umbrella Installation

And the Bathhouse…

Another look at our BathHouse
Another look at our BathHouse

And the Modern Bar…

Bar Moderna 3

And the Showtents, where we held the Burlesque Spectacular (now retired)…

The Basilique ShowTents
The Basilique ShowTents

We’re even using one of your buildings as Adam and Eve’s Hovel in Paradise Lost, but I can’t show you that just yet because it’s about to appear in a major Second Life Magazine about decor… (that’s good for you right?)

As it turns out, the Basilica has been part of the plan from the beginning… hence the name: The Basilique!

In closing, thanks for your attention, and if you’re not into this sponsorship thing, no worries – I just thought I’d ask… you could always just use us as showroom of your wares! I know you can’t be handing out special favours to everyone who uses your buildings, or else how could you run a successful business?

Still though, if you did feel so inclined to help us out, you’d be going a long way to supporting the arts in Second Life, get even more publicity that you richly deserve, and you’d be helping this cute little guy stay safe and sound from evil poachers while you’re at it…

Our Adoption Certificate from WWF
Our Adoption Certificate from WWF

Anyway, if it doesn’t work out this time, no worries, we look forward to seeing you in the audience of Paradise Lost in Second Life! Regardless, we’ll keep buying your stuff anyway, because it’s just so damn great!

Yours warmly,

Canary Beck.

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