Basilique Weekly News – No. 9: Visitors descend upon Paradise Lost!

The Basilica - The Theatre for Paradise Lost
The Basilica – The Theatre for Paradise Lost in Second Life – You have go to see this one large… just click the picture to get Flickerised!

The latest round-up of news coming from Basilique and the Basilique Performing Arts Company.

Top Stories:

  • Introducing the Basilica!
  • Props, props, and props!
  • A conversation with Inara Pey
  • William Weaver shoots a couple of slaves (!)
  • The winners of the MadPea Auction for Feed-A-Smile

Paradise Lost in Second Life

We have a very short round-up this week – nowhere near as busy as last week! Still we wanted to introduce our readers to a very central part of our set…. the Basilica San Pietro Martire, with this gorgeous photo taken by Caitlin Tobias, shared above. We have chosen the Basilica for several reasons, it’s been in the plans for the Basilique (its namesake) since we first launched the region) and because it’s one of the few buildings big enough to hold the production! I’ll be writing a post all about the Basilica in a few days.

Behind the Scenes and New Sponsors

We were very fortunate to be visited by three notable bloggers and photographers this week: Caitlin Tobias, Inara Pey, and William Weaver.

Bringing the props in for the sets for our actors to use is a daily chore. Still, several cast and crew members are happy to help out, as our intrepid behind-the-scenes photographer Caitlin Tobias noticed on her recent visit to our set.

We source nearly every set and prop from Second Life creators around the grid. And yes, we pay for nearly every piece. A big thanks must go to new Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg, for speeding up the Marketplace last week, making shopping much, much less of a chore!

Dutchie storemarketplaceheader

On the topic of props, we have two new exciting sponsors to announce: Dutchie. Dutchie has been a friend to Basilique since the beginning, and has generously donated many her fine quality pieces to us – a massive thank you Froukje Hoorenbeek! Several of her items will be featured in an upcoming major publication featuring out sets, so I can’t show them just yet.


While we don’t have much need for flowers this particular set – if we did, we’d certainly be sourcing them from Fleur De Lis Floral Shoppe, who has also signed on to be a sponsor of Paradise Lost in Second Life! Thank you very much VeronicaLynn Parx! You’ll find her lovely flowers, which I profiled in a recent post, at her in world store in the Basilique Piazza.

We are very excited to have these two new sponsors on board, joining our other arts-friendly Second Life brands:

Inara Pey interviews us for Living in a Modemworld

Early last week, Inara Pey, of Living in a Modemworld, visited the set of Paradise Lost in Second Life. Since it was such a beautiful day out, we decided to throw out some deck chairs (again, Dutchie!) on the banks of the Nile River, and had a good old chinwag about scripting, stage blocking, set design, sourcing the libretto, and pairing it with Mozart’s Requiem. Inara has such a great eye for detail and nuance, she does a fantastic job capturing the conversation highlights! Read her full story here.

William Weaver shoots the Egypt Set


Last week I got a call from William Weaver, known in world as Paperwork Resident, the man behind Firestorm Phototools, who suggested I pose for a photoshoot with him.  After touring the set, we thought a few pictures of me chained to a pillar in my Isrealite slave costume on the Egypt set of Paradise Lost in Second Life would make a good photo. Turns out… he preferred the photos of me out of costume. Oh well, I’ve seen some excellent contact shots from William’s shoot, and I hope to be able to share some more of these, and his photos of Juliet Ford, over the next week!

Production Notes

We have now completed sets, blocking and choreography for twelve out of fourteen scenes, including:

Act One:

  • Introitus: Requiem
  • Kyrie Eleison
  • Dies Irae
  • Tuba Mirum

Act Two

  • Rex Tremendae
  • Recordare
  • Confutatis
  • Lacrimosa

Act Three

  • Domine Jesu
  • Hostias
  • Sanctus
  • Benedictus

Benedictus, like Domine Jesu before it, has proven to be another very challenging scene! We’ve found that complexity rises as the number of players on set increases, and this scene includes twenty characters, including:

  • Adam
  • Michael
  • Noah
  • God
  • Animals (two cheetahs, two zebras, two monkeys)
  • Bithiah (Pharaoh’s daughter)
  • Baby Moses
  • Pharaoh of Egypt
  • Adult Moses
  • Six Isrealite Slaves

Trailer Playlist

Now that we have 4 of 7 trailers, we thought it be cool to create a playlist that has them all, for easier sharing (hint, hint!). And here is the playlist that we’ll be adding to with more videos as we create them:

Poster Gallery

And the winners are…

Honey Vesuvino
Honey Vesuvino
Quill Riley
QuillRiley Resident

Harvey and I entered the MadPea: Feed A Smile Celebrity Auction last week and the winners are: Honey Vesuvino and QuillRiley Resident. Each will receive a behind-the-scenes tour of Paradise Lost in Second Life, and a private performance of the Recordare – Confutatis – Lacrimosa scene sequence, for them and a friend. We’ll be contacting Honey and Quill inworld soon to arrange dates and times for their tours! A huge thank you to all who bid on us!

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