An Early Spring

My deck jewels

Despite the enduring crispness in the air, everywhere there are undeniable harbingers of Spring as the sun shyly returns to brighten our increasingly longer days.

Flowers too

In the parks, the perfectly timed parades of violet-topped fairies in full regalia have suddenly sprouted above the grass to walk along beside me.


And in Second Life, the trees are busy wiping sleep from their eyes while they clothe themselves in leafy costumes as the decks and patios bejewel themselves with the dancing colours of vibrant Spring flowers.

Flowers on Deck_007 blogcopy

Flowers by Fleur De Lis Floral Shoppe

5 thoughts on “An Early Spring

  1. Such beautiful flowers! And beautiful writing to accompany them. Spring is indeed in the air – walking around today was an absolute pleasure after months of dark and dreary days.


  2. Oh…..them pics…them flowers! I wish it was really Spring already, my favourite season! Today it feels and looks like Autumn is in full swing here, with rain and grey skies, I cannot wait for green trees and …..tulips!


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