Introducing the cast of Paradise Lost in Second Life – Part 2

Cast Collage Initial
Clockwise – Sonia, Gwen, Julian and Harvey – Collage made from photos taken by Caitlin Tobias

Jumping right from where I left off introducing our new players, let me now introduce you to the second half of our cast. In this part, we have the familiar faces that have proven their chops in Romeo + Juliet in Second Life: Gwen Cosgrove, Sonia Yeu and Syn Wytchwood.

PL Cast Profiles - Gwen
Gwen Elise Cosgrove

Gwen Elise Cosgrove

Moloch, a Zebra, Isrealite Slave, Joseph of Nazareth, Judas Iscariot

Gwen played Paris in Romeo + Juliet in Second Life. She’s been in Second Life for 3 years and 9 months

When it comes to Second Life, she lives “a fairly simple and casual little life”. She enjoys listening to music and going to see the occasional live show, something she only experienced relatively recently. She’s also a family person and likes being a part of that community within SL.
Of her family activities, she says: “it brings me a great deal of happiness and is a big reason why I log in each day. When I’m not with them, I like to visit my favourite places, such as coffee shops and before I forget, shopping! My one true love. Nothing beats a little retail therapy.”
Out of Second Life, Gwen is a student that spends a lot of her time doing the typical studenty things, in her words: “sleeping, eating and binge watching shows on Netflix!”
“Performing has been something worthwhile and productive for me. I enjoyed performing in Romeo + Juliet, so of course I’d like to keep going and take part in Paradise Lost. It really is a great honour to be involved. I’m very pleased that I’ve been cast, and I can’t wait to begin rehearsing. I know it’ll be a great deal of fun and I very much look forward to the first performance!”
Sonia Yeu
Sonia Yeu

Sonia Yeu

Archangel Michael, Chief Understudy

Sonia been in Second Life for three and a half years. She spends much of her time dancing in clubs, listening to music spun by her favourite DJ friends, driving, flying and sailing.

“I just desired to contribute to a so great a project, after playing Tybalt in Romeo + Juliet that I loved so much. Oh, I’m just feeling a bit lost, and very, very tiny, compared to the greatness of this project! I just hope I’ll be able to help.”
Syn Wytchwood
Syn Wytchwood

Syn Wytchwood

Satan, a Monkey, an Isrealite Slave, Mary Magdalene

Syn played Mercutio and Juliet in Romeo + Juliet in Second Life. She’s been in Second Life for roughly 5 yrs, although starting as a different avatar named Angelic. (The new name suit her much better!).

In Second Life, Syn loves playing with photos: “Setting up a scene and snapping a few shots to play with in Photoshop is one of my all time favorite things to do.. you can just be so.. creative!” Syn enjoys making clothing (and has dabbled in store ownership). “I role play on several sims and also co-own a small club with friends where we enjoy hanging out, playing music and chatting.”
“I’m also a huuuge horror movie buff, and find myself on most weeknights snuggled down with a blanket, my cat and newest thriller.”
Outside of Second Life, Syn is a tattoo artist. She’s always drawing something new, painting, sculpting, or engaging in some other form of creative output. A consummate learner, knitting is next on her things-to-learn-to-do list!
“Being selected to perform in Romeo + Juliet was definitely a highlight in my Second Life. I’m often too shy and withdrawn for my own good (in both sl & rl) and I found myself coming out of that proverbial shell when I got involved with that first production.
“When I heard about Paradise Lost, I knew I wanted to get involved and jumped at the chance, not only for its ability to pull me out of my shyness… but because I knew right from the start that it was going to be amazing and that it was something I really wanted to be a part of. The creative output that Becky & Harvey have put into this production is simply breathtaking. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!?
“When I consider what’s to come, I’m excited.  Maybe even more excited than when I was chosen for Romeo + Juliet (though I was more nervous with the first casting). I’ve seen some of the work that’s going into this production and I know it will be one of THE biggest, most impressive things this side of our little digital world in a long time.. and I cant wait!”
You’re not alone Syn!

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