Introducing the cast of Paradise Lost in Second Life – Part 1

Clockwise - Me, Ellen, Syn and Harmony
Clockwise – Me, Ellen, Syn and Harmony – Collage made from Photos by Caitlin Tobias

We’re excited to have some familiar faces join us and to welcome a few new faces to the Basilique Performing Arts Company, and the cast of Paradise Lost in Second Life.

There are 43 credited roles in Paradise Lost in Second Life. All our actors play multiple roles in the play, which we do by some carefully choreographed plotting, seriously quick outfit changing, and in some cases, running multiple avatars!

So let me introduce you to the first half of our cast. In this part, you’ll meet the newest additions to our talented and enthusiastic Company: Ellen Cordeaux, Harmony Sandalphon and Julian Tantalus.

Ellen Cordeaux
Ellen Cordeaux

Ellen Cordeaux

Mammon, a Zebra, Pharaoh of Egypt, King Balthazar, James the Apostle, a Roman Soldier

Ellen joined Second Life in April of 2006.  She’ll be celebrating 8 years soon! Her main occupation in Second Life has run a small social club for women.  She has a DJ twice a week and has been known to spin a set ‘when the mood strikes’. In both lives, her hobbies mirror each other. She loves live theatre and has worked in some capacity in it; in front of the curtain as well as behind; for most of her life.  In Second Life, she enjoys attending all sorts of art and performance events including plays, dance concerts and art gallery exhibits.

Ellen has a keen interest in how theater works in Second Life:  “I love the way that Second Life mirrors Real Life, it’s fascinating.  In addition, I love Second Life gadgets!  There is a lot of ‘gadgetry’ involved in putting on a Second Life performance and I just adore that stuff; it’s fun!”

“I have been quietly following what Canary and Harvey have been up to in SL for some time now, they bring a wonderful fresh and innovative perspective to the Second Life entertainment table.  It’s exciting and once that casting call when out I knew I had to try to be a part of it.  I’m honored that I was selected to participate in this amazing project and super excited too!”

Harmony Sandalphon
Harmony Sandalphon

Harmony Sandalphon

Belial, Noah, Isrealite Slave, King Caspar, Thomas the Apostle, a Roman Soldier

Harmony Sandalphon (LadyMinaj Resident) joined SL on June 4th 2011. A very busy lady in Second Life: she loves photography and is extremely passionate about Second Life fashion. She now blogs and photographs all kinds of events; particularly events held by her clan and family.

Harmony loves creative writing and role-play: “I’ve experimented with all kinds of characters but I currently RP Harmony as a supernatural within a clan called One. We are relatively new and we are about to open a school for supernaturals – please feel free to contact me if you would like to get involved!”

Out of Second Life, Harmony is a performing arts student, specialising in musical theatre. She has spent most of her life on stage and it is the only thing she’s ever wanted to do. She loves to mesh both worlds together in to one amazing creative outlet. Being a lover of all things theatrical and creative, Harmony fell in love with the Romeo + Juliet in Second Life.

“Naturally, when I heard there was a casting call for Paradise Lost, I had to jump at the chance! I have wanted to become more involved with performance art on Second Life and this was an amazing opportunity to explore new creative avenues and meet wonderful new people. From the moment I experienced Romeo + Juliet, I knew I HAD to get involved. I am extremely excited to be a part of something so innovative and fresh, I honestly think that this production of Paradise Lost will go down in virtual performance art history and I am honoured and blessed to have been chosen to come along for the ride!”

Julian Tantalus
Julian Tantalus

Julian Tantalus

Beelzebub, a Cheetah, Moses, King Melchoir, Peter the Apostle, a Roman Soldier

Julian Tantalus has been in Second Life since 2006. His work and hobbies center on exploring and writing. Whether it’s exploring new places in Second Life or Real Life, new interests or activities, he enjoys experiencing new things, re-living them and better understanding them by writing about them. You can read all about his Second Life explorations on his new blog.

“I’ve never done inworld theatre and wanted to explore that new experience. I’m excited to be a part of what I think is going to be one of the biggest, most important events inworld in some time.”

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