Get a behind the scenes tour & private performance of Paradise Lost!

Make your bid!
Make your bid!

MadPea Productions, creators of innovative gaming, shopping and interactive art experiences in the virtual world Second Life, are pleased and proud to welcome the public to their star-studded Charity Celebrity Auction in aid of Feed A Smile, a project that aims to deliver food and education to children in some of Kenya’s most deprived communities.

The auction has run since February 15th right the way through to February 23rd, where it culminates in a series of live appearances from some of Second Life’s most famous artists, creators, musicians and bloggers, all of whom will be available for anyone and everyone to bid on.

Each auctionee, including me, has personally put together a special selection of treats (see below) for their winning bidder that amount to an experience that is truly Once in a Second Lifetime. With big names like Bryn Oh, Bernhard Drax, Queen Pea Kiana Writer and Strawberry Singh all going on the block, MadPea hopes to raise over 1,200,000L for Feed A Smile’s projects, ultimately feeding over 400 children for an entire month!

And you can bid on me! The winner of my auction will receive a private tour of our many sets of Paradise Lost, selected members of the cast will perform a scene or two from the production just for you and a friend, and I can answer any questions about the production you may have.

Please bid on me here (SLurl)!

Here’s your video 🙂

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