Basilique Weekly News – No. 6: Trouble in Paradise

Satan and God break bread

The latest round-up for news coming from Basilique and the Basilique Performing Arts Company.

Paradise Lost in Second Life

Behind the scenes:

Our behind the scenes reporter Caity Tobias was invited to lunch with the cast having lunch at Silky’s Cafe (see image above). It’s certainly not common for the entire cast to catch a break together, but when they do, it can be a great way to unwind during a break in a gruelling production schedule.

Blocked choreography for Domine Jesu - Each coloured block represents and individual character's movements through the scene.
Blocked choreography for Domine Jesu – Each coloured block represents and individual character’s movements through the scene.

The trailers might make it all look easy, but choreographing and technically producing this production has been our most challenging project to date. Despite all our efforts, all-nighters, sidesteps, sometimes things simply refuse to work. Harvey and I experienced some major technical obstacles as we were developing Domine Jesu, as he chronicled in his post called Mode Switch. A typical scene might take us on average 36 hours to develop. This scene; however, has now taken 82 hours!

Production notes:

The most ambitious and complex scene in our production (Domine Jesu) has proven to be a very difficult challenge that we were determined to overcome. The first scene of Act 3, Domine Jesu is an all-out epic angelic battle between the forces of good and evil – played out in three-dimensional space. Featuring 8 characters, independently performing nearly 500 actions, it’s been, to say the least, a mind-boggling exercise in coordination.

Despite epic delays, we’re thankfully finished this scene. We’re still on schedule as we now move to an all new set (After Eden). Here we will find out what happens to Adam and Eve, after they are expelled from Paradise. Further, we’ll be introducing several important supporting characters, including Noah, Moses, Pharaoh, Joseph and Mary of Nazareth, and many more.

We have now completed nine out of fourteen scenes, including:

Act One:

  • Introitus: Requiem
  • Kyrie Eleison
  • Dies Irae
  • Tuba Mirum

Act Two

  • Rex Tremendae
  • Recordare
  • Confutatis
  • Lacrimosa

Act Three

  • Domine Jesu


The Celestial Heavens
The Celestial Heavens

 You’ve seen plenty of Eden and caught several glimpses of Hell. Now it’s time to explore the celestial heavens as we feature the planets known at the time of the first edition of Paradise Lost: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

Music and Text:

Pairing Requiem and Paradise Lost - Plot Structure - Click on the image to make larger
Pairing Requiem and Paradise Lost – Plot Structure – Click on the image to make larger

For those interested in the sources behind the production, I have completed my five-part series exploring this topic; explaining in detail how we matched Milton’s Paradise Lost to Mozart’s Requiem Mass.

  1. Part 1 – Mozart’s Requiem
  2. Part 2 – Milton’s Paradise Lost
  3. Part 3 – The Catalytic idea behind the Production
  4. Part 4 – The Vision behind the production
  5. Part 5 – The Matching of the Poem to the Piece


We released our third trailer on YouTube. Here it is if you missed it:

And here is Trailer 2 and Trailer 1.

Our next trailer will feature scenes from Hell. Stay tuned.

Poster Gallery

Ihoho, the baby Mountain Gorilla

This week, we were saddened by the news that Mishaya, the only silverback of a group of Ugandan mountain gorillas, passed away in the prime of his life from a short illness. Earlier today I published a post renewing our appeal to help fund Ihoho’s adoption through WWF.

The buzz has gone a little quiet on Ihoho… Please, remember that these animals still need your help, and that sponsoring a performance of Paradise Lost not only contributes to their survival, but also to the continued development of the arts in Second Life. It really is a win-win.


Sponsorship remains available on a per-performance basis. We now have 5 slots out of 24 filled for the Premier Season. There are still very juicy dates available, so if you’ve noodled about associating your brand with top quality Second Life performing arts, or just want to give to Ihoho’s adoption through WWF, then contact me to find out how you can help.

Romeo + Juliet in Second Life

Romeo + Juliet is announced!
Romeo + Juliet – two more shows!

This Saturday at 1pm will be the 34th performance of Romeo + Juliet in Second Life. There are now, including this weekend, only 2 performances left in our Winter Season, before the show goes on hiatus:

  • 34 | Saturday, February 8, 1pm SLT
  • 35 | Friday, February 14, 1pm SLT

All performances are at The Basilique Playhouse.

On this topic, Inara Pey wrote an insightful review of Romeo + Juliet in a blog post in Living in a Modem World, published a couple of weeks ago. To date, Romeo + Juliet has been profiled in over 30 blogs – including titles like: AVENUE, PrimPerfect, New World News, Living in a Modem World, and Strawberry Singh and many, many more. Thank you again, to all the lovely bloggers that have invested their time and energy into spreading the word of Romeo + Juliet to the grid and beyond.

Behind the Scenes – Gifts!

We have made a gift for everyone that attends the Special Valentine’s Day Presentation of Romeo + Juliet – the Season Finale. Ensure you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to see the play with that special someone, and you’ll receive the delicious treasure we have in store for you!

The Romeo + Juliet in Second Life Experience

The future of Romeo + Juliet in Second Life has been secured until June 2014 with a generous grant from the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA). The Basilique Performing Arts Company has been selected for the LEA’s Round 6 of their Artists-in-Residence program. We were selected among 40+ proposals to receive a full sim to create an interactive exhibit dedicated to the story of Romeo + Juliet. The exhibit is targeted to open in phrases, with the first phase opening in March. Read more

And last, but definitely not least – Goodnight shoots Basilique

The Basilique_008

We were fortunate to be visited by talented photographer Jeff Goodnight, whom’s work I wasn’t yet familiar. Above is a sample of his pictures from the Basilique, the rest is to be found on his blog post. It’s worth a look!

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