Basilique Weekly News – No. 5: A week in hell!

Paradise Lost Teaser Poster 4 - Featuring Satan in Hell
Paradise Lost Teaser Poster 4 – Featuring Satan in Hell

Here is the latest round-up for news coming from Basilique and the Basilique Playhouse:

Paradise Lost in Second Life


It’s been a week in hell! Satan again makes it into one of our posters – this time, finding himself transformed into a beast in Hell after being tossed out of Heaven.

The third poster featured a diptych of Adam and Eve, hiding among the trees of Eden, soon after first really seeing each other in their nakedness.

Our 3rd Teaser Poster for Paradise Lost
Our 3rd Teaser Poster for Paradise Lost

The second poster featured The Creation of Adam, and is an homage to Michelangelo’s fresco by the same name on the Sistine Chapel ceiling in the Vatican.

The Second Teaser Poster for Paradise Lost
The Second Teaser Poster for Paradise Lost in Second Life

The first poster featured Satan (disguised as the serpent this time) in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, holding the forbidden fruit as if saying: “Come on Evie… you know you want some…”

Paradise Lost is announced!
The First Teaser Poster for Paradise Lost in Second Life


Our third trailer will be released next week. Filmed and edited by Forren Ashford, it features excerpts from the scenes: Confutatis and Lacrimosa. In the meantime…

Our second trailer now has over 322 views! Have you seen it? If not, here it is:

Our first trailer now has over 626 views. Here it is if you’ve missed it:

Make sure to watch the trailers at 1080 HD (use the little gear in the bottom left hand corner to tune your resolution), full screen with the sound on.

Behind the scenes:

Cait catches the Son of God snoozing.

Our behind the scenes reporter Caity Tobias visited us on set to take a few pictures of Adam and Eve in costume. Unfortunately, the Son of God was AFK in the background. This wasn’t the only photobomb she captured during her visit.

For those interested in the mechanics of how we do what we do, Harvey published a very informative post about how we construct our scenes.

Production notes:

We have now completed both Act One and Act Two of our story, or eight out of fourteen scenes, including:

Act One:

  • Introitus: Requiem
  • Kyrie Eleison
  • Dies Irae
  • Tuba Mirum

Act Two

  • Rex Tremendae
  • Recordare
  • Confutatis
  • Lacrimosa

Now, we’ll be shifting our attention to one of the most ambitious and complex scenes in our production (Domine Jesu) which features an all out epic angelic war between the forces of good and evil – played out three-dimensional space.

After that, we’ll be moving to an all new set (After Eden) where we will find out what happens to Adam and Eve, after they are expelled from Paradise.


We spent this last week in Hell, and this week has been partly the same while staging the epic battle scene mentioned above. You can see a picture of hell in the teaser poster above, and in the following week, we’ll share more images from the battle scene, set in the celestial heavens and hell.

Music and Text:

Sometimes I'll just get inspired by a piece of music and make an image in SL while I listen to it on repeat.
Sometimes I’ll just get inspired by a piece of music and make an image in SL while I listen to it on repeat.

We celebrated Mozart’s Birthday (January 27th – 258 years ago) with a post sharing a little background about his Requiem. The first in a series of posts talking about the music and texts behind the production. My next post on sources provided an overview of the contents and characters in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Ihoho, the baby Mountain Gorilla

Ihoho continues to get up to all kinds of mischief while he’s vacationing with me in London. Here he’s gotten into a bowlful of bananas, while I’ve been out.


We have two new mountain gorilla-loving sponsors joining our ranks this week: Forren Ashford (the machinimist behind the Paradise Lost in Second Life trailers) and Sion Pearl, who is creating customised avatars for the audience members. Welcome and thank you to these two creative and exciting sponsors!

Also, we welcome Syn Wytchwood to the sponsorship coordination team. Many of you will know Syn from her participation as both Mercutio and Juliet in Romeo + Juliet in Second Life. She will also have an on-stage role in Paradise Lost in Second Life.

Sponsorship remains available on a per-performance basis. We currently have 5 slots out of 24 filled for the Premier Season. There are still very juicy dates available in the Premier Season, so if you’ve noodled about associating your brand with top quality Second Life performing arts, or just want to give to Ihoho’s adoption through WWF, then contact me to find out how you can help.

Romeo + Juliet in Second Life

A delightful animated gif created by Kirsten Corleone

This Saturday at 1pm will be the 33rd performance of Romeo + Juliet in Second Life. There are now, including this weekend, only 3 performances left in our Winter Season:

  • 33 | Saturday, February 1, 1pm SLT
  • 34 | Saturday, February 8, 1pm SLT
  • 35 | Friday, February 14, 1pm SLT

All performances are at The Basilique Playhouse.

On this topic, Inara Pey wrote an insightful review of Romeo + Juliet in a blog post in Living in a Modem World, published last week.

Behind the Scenes

Harvey, our Technical Director, responded to Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme: Second Life Helpful Tools with a post about his HUD set up for Romeo + Juliet. It’s a great post for those who like to get a glimpse of how he controls the show mechanics from backstage.

The Romeo + Juliet in Second Life Experience

The future of Romeo + Juliet in Second Life has been secured until June 2014 with a generous grant from the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA). The Basilique Performing Arts Company has been selected for the LEA’s Round 6 of their Artists-in-Residence program. We were selected among 40+ proposals to receive a full sim in which to create an interactive exhibit dedicated to the story of Romeo + Juliet. The exhibit is targeted to open in phrases, with the first phase opening in March. Read more

Also worth a read is this post from Inara Pey, of Living in a Modem World, who has shared her views on our plans.

And last but definitely not least – our very own Harvey Crabsticks is interviewed on the Drax Files Radio Hour [with Jo Yardley]

Draxtor Depres asked our Technical Director, Harvey Crabsticks, to comment on the recent dramatic changes in Second Life, specifically the departure of Rod Humble and the legacy of his tenure as CEO of Linden Lab. Apart from just listening to the show because it’s just something you ought to do(!), have a listen to the 1st half to hear what Harvey has to say.

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