Strawberry Singh’s Second Life Helpful Tools Meme: SL Vibrators

My Helpful Second Life Tools
My Helpful Second Life Tools. Here I am using my Xcite! Big Boss. And no, Luck Inc. does not sell sex toys – but they do have nice brown paper bags! Click on it for all it’s biggie goodness!

Despite being ever so fun to read, I don’t often jump on the memes as I’m way too busy spamming everyone who’ll listen with my theatrical dance going-ons. But this one was just too compelling to pass up. So here we go with my contribution to Strawberry Singh’s helpful tools meme: a review of vibrators available in Second Life!

That is what she was going for… right? Anyway, with deadlines pressing and all, who’s got time to ask for specifics? The instructions seem simple enough:

Meme Instruction: Share a screenshot of your viewer setup and/or a list of tools/HUDS you guys use to make your Second Life experiences better. Don’t forget to leave a comment in this post with a link so we can all come and stalk you.

So, without further ado, on with the show!

So what I did, just like Berry asked, was to attach all the HUDs that I use to enhance my SL experience. In case you’re interested in what the above HUD is all about…(from the helpful notecard):

“The Xcite! Remote Control Kit includes a Remote Control HUD object, which you will use to control your compatible devices (vibrators, etc.) or remotely control the devices of others, and a license which will allow you to open your compatible devices up for remote control.”

Easily, the best of the lot I found out there were the many varieties offered by Xcite! Not since SATC’s Charlotte’s adventures with pearl rabbits have we seen such fierce dedication to a helpful (and handy!) tool!

Xcite!'s wide selection of worn vibrators
Xcite!’s wide choice of worn vibrators

What about using these nifty tools with a partner? I’m so glad you asked! My research did lead me to the promising field called teledildonics (for real – see the wiki entry if you don’t believe me):

Remote Pleasure is planning his and hers sex toys that will enable remote sex between part...

One example of teledildonics is the VIVI package for women: “Remote Pleasure already sells a VIVI package for women that includes an Egg Vibrator and a remote control that can deliver commands over the internet. The vibrator receives instructions from a wireless USB device plugged into a Windows PC that in turn receives instructions over the Internet from a special someone who hopefully knows what you like via software running on both the sender’s and receiver’s PCs.” Hell, it can even work with a TV remote – how’s that for no specific experience necessary?

The LovePalz HERA - for her

The LovePalz system sells what they call the Hera: and “innovative and automated air pump (that) simulates the sensation of male genitalia; furthermore, it also gauges the pressure that users apply to it.” Hmmm, how? Look no further than this video:

This little gem will actually work with your iPhone. At only $189 USD, it sounds like a bargain right? Well, wait your turn, because these nifty little stocking stuffers are already sold out no doubt due to the Christmas rush.

So, I asked Harvey about his technical opinion about all this, he being the best (and only) expert I know in RLxSL technical talking-to-each-other scriptyness: “Would you say that it is possible that this tool could be used between worlds?”

To which he answered (rather excitedly, I should add): “Undoubtedly. The real question isn’t whether it could be used between worlds, it’s which world you want to do the driving!”

But wait! This just in! It turns out that a very familiar company in Second Life has already broken virgin territory by offering Xcite! Touch toys that are designed to sync with real life sex toys. The website describes the simple 4 step process:

  1. Wear the touch compatible toy in SL
  2. Connect your compatible vibrator to your computer’s USB port and run Xcite! Touch
  3. You and your partner(s) play with your SL touch toy
  4. Go wild as your real life touch toy vibrates in sync with your SL toy.

All of the toys mentioned above are all Xcite! Touch compatible. And yep, those sex toys above actually work with over 2 dozen RL sex toys available through such reputable vendors like, including this, and this, and… as long as you have this.

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