Casting Call for Paradise Lost in Second Life

"God" in Paradise Lost, by Caitlin Tobias
GOD WANTS YOU! To be in Paradise Lost, by Caitlin Tobias – Click on the image to see it nice and God-like huge.

Here it is! Your chance to take part on stage in Second Life’s most ambitious stage production: Paradise Lost.

There are a total of 12 roles and we are currently seeking to fill 6 of them.

  • We will give fully-costumed and kitted avatars for you to embody during the production.
  • We do not need you to have any experience, technical know-how, or to voice act.
  • We are mainly seeking people, with reliable internet connections and reasonably modern computers, who can commit to 2 hours/week to do their part.
  • Rehearsals begin in the first week of March.
  • Shows will be scheduled Saturdays at 1PM SLT or Sundays at 12PM SLT.
  • We will ask you to commit for a season (12 weeks) – March, April, May and June, 2014.

Should we select you for a part,

  • You will receive 50% of your tips donated during your performances.
  • The other 50% will go to fund the Basilique Performing Arts Company’s adoption of Ihoho, an infant mountain gorilla living in Rwanda.

Roles we are casting for:

  • Beelzebub / MosesBeelzebub is Satan’s right hand man. A former angel, he’s now the “Lord of the Flies”, providing Satan with counsel on matters of strategic importance in his war against God. It is with Beelzebub’s encouragement that the devils agree to have Satan infiltrate Eden to corrupt God’s creation. He is in three scenes, mainly seen kicking angel-ass. The avi playing Beelzebub will also play Moses. Moses performs in a flash forward dream sequence, doing what Moses is most known for (harassing pharaohs, bringing about horrible plagues, and parting bodies of water) in one scene.
  • Moloch / Noah – Moloch is Satan’s War Captain and Chief of his Angels. Also seen in three scenes, Moloch is the most war-mongering of the devils in Satan’s army, intent on bringing the battle to God where he lives. The avi playing Moloch always plays Noah. Like Moses, Noah performs in a flash forward dream sequence. Applicants must enjoy working with animals and feel comfortable working at sea.
  • Belial – Another fallen angel, Belial is the most intelligent and cunning of Satan’s entourage using her/his considerable intelligence to find excuses to prevent further war and to advocate lassitude and inaction. S/he is a beguiler and seducer, able to trick both is allies and enemies with silken charms and a forked tongue, much to their chagrin. S/he appears in three scenes, getting into all types of mischief and mayhem.
  • Mammon – A fallen angel and one of the princes of Hell. He values earthly treasure over all things.  Mammon is dripping in gold and jewels, aiming to protect his possessions at any cost. He lobbies for the industrialisation of Hell, in order to exploit its resources and make a hellish version of the Kingdom of Heaven. He is seen in 3 scenes. All jewels entrusted to Mammon will need to be returned at the end of the production.

Roles already cast for the Premier Season

  • Adam
  • Eve
  • Satan
  • Archangel Michael
  • God
  • The Son of God

To apply for any of the roles we are hoping to cast, please contact Canary Beck or Harvey Crabsticks (crabsticks Resident) by notecard by January 31st, 2014.

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