Basilique Weekly News – No. 2: Sponsors line up for Ihoho!

The Second Teaser Poster for Paradise Lost
The Second Teaser Poster for Paradise Lost

Here is the latest round-up for news coming from Basilique and the Basilique Playhouse:

Paradise Lost in Second Life

Teaser Poster Number 2 is now out: For our second teaser poster, we feature an image of God creating Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Trailers: Our second trailer is now released! Be one of the first to view it now (do yourself a favour and watch it at 1080HD, full screen with the sound on)

Our first trailer has been a great hit with almost 500 views on Youtube to date, if you’ve missed it, here it is again.

Behind the Scenes: Caitlin Tobias, our official photographer, has captured some behind the scenes photos of some of our special effects works in the studio. Sadly, scheduling conflicts got in the way of Cait meeting the actors that play God and Satan in the flesh… so that meeting will have to wait for another day.

We also released some behind the scenes photos of our new theatre plans in a post that shaped up to be more about the old theatre than the new, but oh well, I hope it was interesting!

Ihoho, the baby Mountain Gorilla. This week I published a few posts following up on the adoption of Ihoho, mainly about the plight of the mountain gorillas and why we chose to adopt one through Paradise Lost.

Sponsorship is now available on a per-performance basis. We now have a Premier Sponsor with MIAMAI who has generously donated $L12,000 to support the premier performance of this production in March, and the adoption of Ihoho. Thank you very much to Monica Outlander, for your kind and generous support of the performing arts in Second Life, and to the survival of these noble creatures!

Just this week, three additional sponsors got involved, so big thank yous are in order to:

  • L’Amour Nexus University of Fashion, run by Ava Jhamin who donated L$12,000 to be co-sponsor of the premier performance.
  • Solidea Folies, managed by Caoimhe Lionheart who donated L$12,000 to sponsor the second performance.
  • Cao also sponsored on behalf of her blog: An Chailin Alainn with another L$12,000 to be sponsor of the third performance.
  • And a special thanks to Basile Wheelwright who donated L$3000 directly to one of the Playhouse Gorillas.

Romeo + Juliet in Second Life

Addison's wonderful capture of Romeo + Juliet - click the image for the larger image on Flickr
Addison’s wonderfully creative capture of Romeo + Juliet – click the image for the larger image on Flickr

We have 6 scheduled performances of Romeo + Juliet in Second Life.

  • 30 | Saturday, January 11, 1pm SLT
  • 31 | Sunday, January 19, 12pm SLT
  • 32 | Saturday, January 25, 1pm SLT
  • 33 | Saturday, February 1, 1pm SLT
  • 34 | Saturday, February 8, 1pm SLT
  • 35 | Friday, February 14, 1pm SLT

All performances are at The Basilique Playhouse

Basilique Town

The Reflection of Eve
The Reflection of Eve (taken at the Basilique Hot Springs)

Harvey recently posted about opening the new hot springs on the recreational island. I featured the hot spring in my post on the reflection of Eve. The spring is not part of the set, it’s open to everyone. Come and have a soak! There are loads of places to sit, cuddle, and more.

The Basilique Club

Due to changing priorities, we’ve closed two areas of the Club. The Showtents are no longer needed as a performance area, now that we have the Playhouse. We’ve also closed the Campsite, now that we have the recreational area completed. You can still of course enjoy the Chapel and Bathhouse – easily the two most popular club spots – open 24/7 to members only.

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