We’re adopting a Mountain Gorilla, and you can help


Meet Ihoho, our adopted Mountain Gorilla

The Basilique Performing Arts Company is adopting Ihoho, a male baby mountain gorilla. Ihoho – meaning “incomparable beauty” –  is a member of the Susa family gorilla group, living in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Ihoho was born on the 14th of August, 2011. He, and all the remaining 780 mountain gorillas in the wild, are threatened by

  • snares left for other animals
  • destruction of their forest habitat
  • catching diseases from people entering the forest
  • poaching of baby gorillas for the illegal pet trade
  • conflict with people.

What we’re aiming to achieve:

We are aiming to give $L200,000 – the equivalent of $780 US or £480, to the WWF – Adopt A Mountain Gorilla Program, with the support of people and companies in Second Life in 2014.

To fund this adoption, we will give 50% of all proceeds from our production of Paradise Lost, premiering in Spring 2014.

These donations will be made by us to WWF on a monthly basis, documented and reported in these pages, every month Paradise Lost runs.

Where does the money go?

These vital donations will go to

  • Training rangers to detect and safely remove snares set for other animals, which can often severely injure or kill gorillas
  • Helping to protect vital gorilla habitat
  • Helping to train rangers to protect the gorillas against poaching of babies for the illegal pet trade
  • Educating people on how to reduce the risk of gorillas catching human diseases
  • Helping reduce conflict between gorillas and humans when gorillas enter villages and farmland.
  • Working with local governments to improve the management of the National Parks where gorillas live

WWF’s work is carried out as part of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) with Fauna and Flora International, the African Wildlife Foundation, and the three governments of the region.

There are three ways you can help us fund this adoption:

1. Sponsor a Performance! We are accepting applications from people and businesses to join in the effort to adopt Ihoho by sponsoring one of the scheduled performances of Paradise Lost in 2014. Fill out this contact form to let me know you’re interested, and we can talk in world (Canary Beck) or over email:

Don’t send an IM, I will likely not get it. If you like, you can send a notecard.

2. Plan to attend a performance in 2014 and donate or tip the players. The Company and its players are donating 50% of all donations and tips from every single performance. Plan to attend one, bring your friends, and donate as much as you feel able.

3. Share this post with your friends. If you want to help but can’t afford to take part financially, you can still use any of the social media share buttons below to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. If you’re a WordPress member and are really keen, you can even reblog it.

Want more information? My next post will be focused on more information surrounding the threats to these animals, and why we chose to help them.

20 thoughts on “We’re adopting a Mountain Gorilla, and you can help

  1. Reblogged this on Goods In Kind and commented:
    Becky just posted about our campaign to adopt a gorilla, by donating proceeds to Paradise Lost to the World Wildlife Fund. The more I’ve learned about this cause, the more it has touched me, and I’m delighted that we’re going to be supporting it with our production.


    1. What would be better times for you Peep?

      No promises of course, but we’ll always look to make the performance of our productions accessible to the widest possible audience 🙂


        1. I’ve thought about this before and thought it’d be good to have a couple of shows for our antipodean cousins at 2AM SLT on a Saturday (9PM AEDT). This would likely be a Saturday morning for most of us, but I think it could work provided we behaved ourselves the night before ;). Let’s try it with R+J to see how it works first, and then we might plan one for Paradise Lost. I noticed you’re not on our Basilique Playhouse mailing list Peep, shall I add you to it?


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