The Pull of The Golden Thread

A Screen Capture from Thalia Heckford's video
A Screen Capture from Thalia Heckford’s video (below, or click to watch)

Two outstanding videos have just been released featuring artists, models, performers and visitors to MIAMAI’s Black Label launch event, The Golden Thread. As you can see from these two videos, this is a truly artistic fashion collection that demands a serious look.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Harvey and I were invited to perform two scenes from our upcoming production for 2014 (yet to be announced but you may be getting a few clues here…), and created a special scene to tie the acts together, specifically for The Golden Thread event.

These spectacular two videos shine a light on what happened at the launch on Saturday, and how dazzling it all looked! Congratulations to all involved in coordinating such a complex event involving so many moving parts, and thanks to Monica Outlander of MIAMAI for inviting us to take part!

In the above short video by Thalia Heckford, we are featured at

  • 23 seconds left
  • 18 seconds left

In the this longer video by Forren Ashford, we are featured at

  • 1:39
  • 2:03
  • 3:00, 3:05
  • 3:29
  • 4:10

I’m not much of a fashion photographer, so here’s a link to Miss Virtual World 2012 and the “Face of MIAMAI”: Anna Sapphire’s blog post to give you a further idea of what the clothes look like. Do have a visit to MIAMAI while the set is still in place, and you might even find something spectacular!

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