Some terrific photo captures of Romeo + Juliet – and a performance today at 1pm in Second Life

Laurie 8
Romeo meets Juliet (Photo by Laurie Murphy)

Despite working like lunatics developing our 2014 production (in time for a sneak preview at a major Second Life fashion event on December 7th), Romeo + Juliet rolls on for enthusiastic audiences every week.

Have you seen it yet? It’s been running since April 27th and now on its 25th performance (Today at 1PM Saturday, November 23, 2014) at the Basilique Playhouse – and yes, entry is still FREE.

 photo Firestorm-Beta2013-11-1015-19-24-96_zps6bb2b741.png
Romeo meets Juliet (Photo by Laurie Murphy)

I’m not sure if we’re the longest running play in Second Life yet, but by now we must be close! If you know of any that have run longer, do let me know as we’re aiming for a record here…

Laurie 7
Romeo meets Juliet under the balcony (Photo by Laurie Murphy)

We’ve only scheduled four more performances in 2013, so if you haven’t seen it, I wouldn’t put it off any longer. It’s free to attend, and despite seeing as many live shows as I can, I still have yet to see anything like it in Second Life. Yes, I know that sounds a bit big-headed, but if you gotta blow your own trumpet sometimes, right?

Laurie 6
Juliet on her balcony (Photo by Laurie Murphy)

From time to time, photographers will visit our show and take pictures (which we love!) and often they’ll share their captures with us (which we love even more!) We’ve had many big names in photography capture the production (e.g. Strawberry Singh, Cait Tobias, Quan Lavender, and Ziki Questi to name a few)

Laurie 5
Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art though Romeo? (Photo by Laurie Murphy)

Sometimes though, we notice photos from people we’ve never heard of or just friends who like to take snaps, which is very much a huge treat for us!

Laurie 3
Juliet takes the sleeping potion. (Photo by Laurie Murphy)

A couple of weeks ago, we were treated with a wonderful collection of raw photos by Laurie Murphy. Laurie shows a great eye for capturing movement, which is more challenging than capturing static posing.

Laurie 9
Juliet slumbers. (Photo by Laurie Murphy)

I’m very impressed with how many good images she was able to get in one show, especially considering that taking such high quality shots can be a challenge as a live production happens, given the number of avatars present (usually 20 at least) and the unpredictability of what we’re doing.

Laurie 11
Romeo fights Paris (Photo by Laurie Murphy)

She has 55 shots in her photo bucket, and here in this post, with permission, is a selection of our favourites. Thanks to Harvey for curating from the set, and thanks Laurie – here’s to a job well done!


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