A Cemetery Rises!

What a surprise!
What a surprise!

Just over week ago, surveying divers were surprised to discover ancient headstones under the Lago di Garda. We called in the archeologists to investigate the find. Well, the archaeologists have come back with their report, and it’s safe to say, they might have touched something they weren’t supposed to! They’ve managed to raise a cemetery from under the water, and we thought we’d take advantage of that tonight to listen to some spooky ghost stories.

See you at 1PM SLT at Basilique

2 thoughts on “A Cemetery Rises!

  1. Thanks for a wonderful night filled with surprising stories…and who knew that Lago di Garda had all this hidden…I am glad I was unaware of this when I was a little Caity and spent many summers swimming and waterskiing there…..:))


    1. Yeah, sometimes it’s better not to know isn’t it? The biggest challenge now is deciding how to get rid of it. I mean, Halloween is one thing, but we certainly wouldn’t want it around longer than that… hopefully we can get it removed without disturbing more evil spirits? Time will tell.


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