Is Lizzie Gudkov a psychic?

Chapter 3 on - click to go to the post or open the links below to read it in order.
Chapter 3 on – click to go to the post or open the links below to read it in order.

Still unpublished when I first mentioned them, the first 3 posts of “It Took a While”, Lizzie Gudkov’s 7-part short story inspired by images by 7 Second Life photographers have begun appearing on

I’ve spent a little time with Lizzie in world.  She is a supportive member of the Basilique and has often visited with us at parties and other events. We are on each other’s friends list, are mutual appreciators of each others work both in world and out, but I wouldn’t say we’ve spent much time together one on one.
So, I was very surprised to find that a larger than fair share of the emotions she’s expressed in the short fictional vignette attached to my image echo some of my first life perceptions and realities (although I’m not saying which).

(Cue, “Twilight Zone” theme music here)

Now, I know that Lizzie didn’t interview me (at least not while I was awake) and she didn’t write these interwoven vignettes as an exercise in “art imitates life” (at least I don’t think she did…) but I can’t help but feel she’s accessed emotions that I expressed in that image that I wasn’t even thinking of when I put it together, yet… are still very much there, if that makes any sense at all.

I wonder how the other photographers are experiencing these vignettes? I’ll be sure to ask them when I get the chance.

Is she just a truly gifted observer? A ridiculously thorough researcher? Or did she just merely hit on a coincidence of interpretation? Or, is Lizzie Gudkov a psychic? It’s not a little bit intriguing!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the story is a good (and short!) read. Here are the links to the first 3 of 7 instalments:

Part 1 Rain, featuring Honour McMillan’s photo.

Part 2 The Blue Note, featuring Connie Arida’s photo.

Part 3 Just below the surface, featuring my photo.

I do hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

One thought on “Is Lizzie Gudkov a psychic?

  1. Thank you, Becky, for your post! As far as I know, I am not psychic, but one never knows! 😉 Now, seriously, your image is so powerful that the first time I saw it posted (way before this project came together) I knew that if I ever wrote something from one of your pics, it would be this one. I am glad I could “see” below the surface. 🙂


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