Counting sea horses

It’s been a long while since I’ve had insomnia, but here I am awake on the Paris dock at past 2AM on a Sunday when I really ought to be in my bed sleeping. I had an eventful evening, maybe that’s why. Or it might have been the chocolate…

After spending a little time touring Avedon Park, I wandered into a little cabin near Addison Bay and sat there reading for a bit. I’d received an email from Lizzie Gudkov. She’s about to release a short story on that was inspired by seven images by some terrific photographers including Ziki Questi, Honour McMillan, Strawberry Singh, Whiskey Monday, Yordie Sands, Connie Arida, and yours truly! It’s such a treat and honour to be included in such fine company. I read the pre-release and I think she’s done a remarkable job of capturing the emotional essence of my picture and writing fiction from it. I haven’t yet seen the other images, so I’m really looking forward to watching them and the story unfold in context over the next week.

As I finished reading the story, I was startled by someone saying hello to me just outside the cabin. It was one of the owners of Avedon Park. She walked in and we got to chatting a bit. The conversation was quite easygoing between us and she invited me up to her club where there were several people dancing and enjoying a wonderfully mellow set by DJ Shona. It was great to meet some new friendly people – all of whom where very welcoming to me – the only stranger among them. I exchanged a few pictures with some of the people at the club, got to know the owner a little better, and connected with Shona who I invited to come see Bar Moderna to see if she might want to spin there. We agreed on a trial date in November, so that was a win.

I then, randomly, watched a movie about the invention of the vibrator (named the “Jolly Molly”) in the late 1900s (Hysteria), which was not only fun but also terribly interesting. It was only after it was over that I’d noticed I’d slowly devoured about 4 pieces of dark chilli chocolate. Oops.

After the movie, I noticed a few more emails had come in. One was from the other owner of Avedon Park, who I was surprised and pleased to find out follows my blog, was keen to meet up and have a tour of Basilique and discuss how we might work together.

Yesterday I’d been invited to a ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet (yes, another one!) by the SL Royal Opera which I went to see as it was starting up. Sadly, my connection/machine/viewer just couldn’t take the lag. After crashing three times and missing about 20 minutes of it, I gave up hoping to catch it on another day and took a bath instead.

Later, I saw my friend Nadia nearby. We got to talking a little bit about scuba diving. She’d never been so I decided it was time to change that. She had a wonderful time – the most fun she’d had all week, she said. I love introducing diving to friends in SL; it’s such a wonderfully immersive activity and it always manages to relax me and inspire those new to it.

After the dive
After the dive

After about an hour of diving off Bingo Strait, I came back to Basilique. Still having my gear on, I decided to jump back in the water and think about my marine park… the one I’ve thought of rebuilding for almost a year now. It was fun to soak up the topography from a diver’s perspective, as I imagined how I might lay things out.

Which brought me to the Paris dock, tired yet excited, where I took the above picture. And yes, I’m still awake and no closer to my bed.

I should be exhausted, but I’m not even remotely sleepy. But to bed I must go. Maybe I’ll try counting sea horses.

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