What’s new for the weekend? Picturesque sims, Oktoberfest, and a Sunday Romeo + Juliet

Cait on the Pier
Photo by the lovely and talented Caitlin Tobias – visit Cait’s World or her Flickr for more of her great work.

Katya Valeska of SL Blogger Support has initiated a new database for particularly picturesque Second Life Sims. I think it’s a great idea. Harvey and I keep a list (now about 3 dozen) of sims that we aim to visit and it’s a really useful practice. What this initiative will do however is help bring many more people’s collective views to the fore and get some of those hard to find treasures a little bit more well-deserved exposure. So, if you have a sim or five that you’d like to add to this database, please follow this link to her survey form.

In other news, we have an Oktoberfest Party scheduled for today (Friday) at 1pm SLT at the Basilique. This will be a public event open to everyone which will be held on ground level… but I’m still deciding where… Caity took some great pictures of herself dressed up as a Bavarian Beer Girl on the Pier today and posted them on her Tumblr, so I might just go for that.

And lastly, Romeo + Juliet will be playing at 12 noon on Sunday, October the 6th this weekend. This is different from our normal day and time so please don’t show up at the Basilique Playhouse at the usual time expecting a show. Instead, come see us on Sunday and bring your friends.

Thanks for all your recent visits and your wonderful posts and photos which you’ve been so kind to share of our new ground level build. We love seeing all the new faces and hope you’re enjoying your time at the Basilique as much as we enjoy having you.

5 thoughts on “What’s new for the weekend? Picturesque sims, Oktoberfest, and a Sunday Romeo + Juliet

    1. *Becky realises quite urgently that she knows next to nothing about Oktoberfest…. what? That exists? That sounds like drinking pumpkin pie from a can! Actually, that sounds terrific.


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