And for those who have everything…

The Exclusive Becky Hood Ornament.
The ultimate after-market accessory for the Ultimate Driving Machine…

Looking for the ultimate after-market automobile accessory? This exclusive hand-crafted Becky Hood Ornament is now available in ultra-limited quantities*. As elegant as it is subtle, the Becky is a credible vision of luxurious excellence that will suit only the most exclusive of high-performance luxury automobiles, and the most discerning of tastes. The sheer level of realistic detail and craft makes this particular motor accessory a true work of art, worthy of recognition, respect and ridiculously deep pockets.

Note: If you’re inquiring about price, you clearly can’t afford it.

* One.

4 thoughts on “And for those who have everything…

  1. Ok so the serious questions … Does the car come with the purchase of the hood ornament ??? Or are we just talking the ultra-deluxe model where ornament comes nestled within a velvet box encrusted with golden text? chuckles


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