What to wear in Paris

Two Americans in Paris 2a
Harvey and I in front of that big stone archy thing related to the war in some way because they’ve got this creepy grave under it of a soldier they forgot the name of.

Being the OTM glamourista that I naturally am (and if you don’t know what OTM is then you’re clearly in the wrong place), I’m often asked by my eager American friends about to start their 2-week whizz-bang-greatest-hits tour of the continent: “Oh Becky, what should I pack for Paris LOL?”

Well my Fodor-reading, aspirational-yet-style-challenged glamazons, Paris is a very cosmopolitan city and Parisians are globally-renowned for their enduring style and fashion forwardness. I mean after all, this is the city that founded “haute couture”!

But have no fear, your style guru is here! At last, here are my essential style tips for what to wear in Paris to keep you on trend and looking fabulous!

As is plain to see, I’m going ultra-trashic, with an edgy short-sleeve, multi-coloured top, matched with my must-have red sweat pants. Comfortable yet stylish footwear is critical, so I’m rounding out the complete look with my hip nursey-white crocs. Lastly, I’m raising the bar just a bit with every traveller’s best friend – the tres-chic fanny pack. Not to worry, this stylish and functional must-have item comes in a variety of colours besides dreary black. As you can see I’ve chosen a flouro-fabulous lime-green that cleverly complements my green camo-hat. Pro-tip: Camo is the new black and very of-the-moment (OTM!!!).

Posing in front of the Tour Eyeful. He even got me a tiny one all in gold as a souvenir sold by a black man who spoke French too!

As you can see, Harvey is sporting a darling look that clearly shows he’s relaxed, on holiday, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. French people love individuality (and we all know how much they value relaxation!), so they’re sure to admire his retro-futuristic red trainers that are so now they are better than sex!

Most of the items we’re wearing can be easily found in big American box-stores at affordable prices (I tried to make this post pret-a-porter, you know). Ladies, when you’re dressing your man: college football t-shirts and matching ball caps are very this season, especially when paired with Bermuda shorts (as above) and chic plastic flip-flops of any colour really. Also, do your best to wear big logos (the bigger the better). How else will the Parisians be able to decide whether you’re shopping at the right stores?

Floral patterns are most definitely to die for, as this trickle-up trend first worn by vintage tourists of yesteryear is now going covert couture. French people love flowers – they’ve even got one on their flag… oh wait, that might be Quebec. Anyway, we saw that Fleurdelisé everywhere so clearly they’re really into it.

On the whole, we found Europeans to be a bit of a drab and old-fashioned bunch, but you only have to watch a few runway shows put on by the big Parisian fashion houses to realise that wearing bright colours is actually very now. A very good example of how much better we looked than even most locals was when we met this typical Parisian family on the Champs Elysees after asking for directions to the nearest McDonald’s (Harvey can’t get enough of those Freedom Fries!)

Two Americans in Paris 3
Posing for a photo with a typical Parisian family. Even the little one spoke perfect French! So smart… but not very clean…

15 thoughts on “What to wear in Paris

  1. What a wonderful vacation it was!

    It’s a shame those Europeans are so unfriendly though – no-one was at all interested in my hernia operation. I guess that’s what happens when you have socialist health care.


      1. Oh not to worry, if you’d rather not go dumpster-diving for a moth-eaten woolen blazer, I can probably layer you in an oversized and formless Abercrombie & Fitch pullover that will obscure every curve you’ve got so that you too can look like your RL coworker 😉 .


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