The Basilique

As promised, I’m sharing photos taken of the new ground level of the Basilique sim. These terrific photos by Caitlin Tobias will certainly count amongst my favourites. I love to see how different photographers approach the same subject, with a style, perspective and framing all their own. Enjoy.

Caits World

Several times I promised Becky (canary.beck) to come visit her sim The Basilique,  and after Honour blogged about it I knew I really had no excuses and teleported over this morning!

The Basilique (Adult) is a Private Members Club for Adults, and to access the members venues/club one needs to purchase a membership (LS 350) or if you want to have a look first, you can get a free guest pass at the Office. For more information and house rules, visit their website!

I did not get a pass, but stayed on groundlevel with is open to all and it was lovely to look around. I like the way it is set up, you land on a town-square, where breakfast and coffee is ready and the buildings are surrounded by water – giving it a great panoramic view!

On my next visit I will go to the clubs, for…

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