The Basilique in Second Life

Honour McMillan visits and reports on the Basilique. I think she’s done a wonderful job capturing our little corner of the world. I have yet to write my own post sharing what we’ve done here, but I’m really appreciative that others have begun to visit and enjoy it!

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

Basilique (adult)

The blog theme this week is obviously water. First there was tropical, then Pacific North(south)west, and now European. Although there are some limits, this adult sim is open to the public.

Basilique (adult)

Today’s destination is Basilique↑, a private members club “set in a small, European town, the Basilique is a place to hang out in style. Enjoy stimulating banter, listen to live DJs, skinny-dip in the nude only bathhouse, or watch a burlesque show“.

Basilique (adult)

This is a beautiful build! I did not venture into the bathhouse (y’all know me better than that) but, there so much to see and explore, my g-rated camera was kept very busy.

Basilique (adult)

I didn’t spend nearly enough time in the village – I just found the water views too compelling. Trust me though, it’s all wonderful. If the idea of the…

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