Getting to know Tybalt played by Trixi Violet

Trixi Violet is Tybalt in Romeo + Juliet. Photo taken at Our Island near the Basilique Playhouse by Strawberry Singh
Trixi Violet is Tybalt in Romeo + Juliet. Photo taken at Our Island near the Basilique Playhouse by Strawberry Singh

In the fight against technical barriers, I’m not sure I can think of anyone more determined than Trixi Violet, who plays Tybalt in our Second Life adaptation of Romeo + Juliet. If you think you’ve got it rough sometimes, just read our interview below to learn about everything that could go wrong in a production, and actually did! Despite all that, Trixi’s attitude is just exemplary, and a great example of how pushing through limits can be so rewarding.

Becky: What did you first think when you heard about being considered for a part in Romeo + Juliet?
Trixi: Oh, I was very excited! I had seen a performance and was very impressed. Once I found out there was a chance to be a part of something so fabulous, I leapt right in to take part. This came along at a time when I was looking to shake things up in my Second Life and get outside my comfort zone. It certainly did the trick!

Becky: It’s all pretty out of the norm isn’t it? How did you find the audition process?
Trixi: I was a nervous wreck leading up to my audition date! My friends were a big help though; they practiced with me and helped picking dances and choreography. But the process itself was quite simple. I performed and then had a conversation about the production. I was so relieved when I was done, haha!

Becky: Everyone finds those auditions to be nerve-wracking, but they’re really not all that bad are they? Do you think the story of Romeo + Juliet is still relevant today? Why or why not?
Trixi: I’ll be honest, I tend to be cynical when it comes to love and romance. I recall a Someecard about it that specifically states that it is not a love story it’s the story of 2 teenagers in a 3 day relationship that results in death. But of course, the enduring mythos around the play is that love CAN be that deep and abiding, reaching across any barrier to result in something beautiful and worth giving your very life. I believe those ideals speak to anyone that has ever experienced love – or still hopes to do so.

Becky: That’s lovely. How would you describe your character’s personality? Strengths, weaknesses?
Trixi: Tybalt is definitely blustery and full of machismo. I read him as having a lot to prove because of his internal struggles with making sure his family name was protected, revered – maybe even feared – but perhaps wanting some notoriety for himself as well. He overcompensates as a result; he has to be noticed and noticeable, a standout and that becomes his downfall, he’s just too much!

Becky: How do you feel when the curtain goes back at the start of your first scene?
Trixi: Oh my goodness, I thought my head would pop off! It was a mixture of anxiety and excitement and sheer fright! I just so wanted to make sure I remembered everything I had to do and did it right, all I could do was pray to the Linden Gods (no time for the required small animal sacrifice!).

Becky: Well, they seemed to have answered your call on many occasions. What were some of the challenges in preparing and performing this show?
Trixi: Oh, for sure there were challenges for me! I wanted to set myself apart from the last actress that played Tybalt but she paved the way so well, why mess with a good thing? Finding clothing and dances and such had me scrambling because I had no point of reference, this being my first foray into the theah-tah! From finding the right hat to wear to moving around, I was definitely the special kid of the company! I quickly realized that lag was an issue for me, so moving around smoothly proved problematic. And as assistant stage manager, hearing music and seeing sets rezz properly was sometimes difficult. But with any challenge I was determined to face it head on and soldier through every curve I was thrown!

Becky: Oh yes, of course you didn’t only have to play Tybalt, you were also a big part of ensuring our sets were rezzed right and that our music was on cue. What was your most scary moment as you were performing the show?
Trixi: Oh wow, I’ll have to narrow that down. I think it had to be where I ended up with an invisible torso! It’d already been a hectic performance and I hurried to my place on stage for my big fight scene. Lots has to take place in those moments when I get set: I have to send a dance invite, accept a dance invite, set my mover and time when I should turn off my AO to begin my choreography. I was so flustered at that point that I realized that I had forgotten to wear my gun – and that’s when the “fun” began. I clicked Wear instead of Add, a rookie alpha-wearer mistake and yank! my suit jacket comes off and my torso just has buttons and a collar! The music starts, my invite comes, I get stuck; it was a cascade of catastrophes in a matter of seconds. By the time I got the bottom of the stage, the audience is laughing, Mercutio is dancing by himself and, to add insult to injury, I crash. And that’s just ONE story of my antics in this production, haha!

Becky: I can certainly relate with that! On some nights, and I think that night in particular, it seems like everything that can go wrong just will and there’s nothing you can about it but just get on with it. Would you do something like this again if you had the chance?
Trixi: You know, there were definitely days I asked myself, what I was thinking?! My nerves were frayed, I was frustrated and just knew I had to be the worst thing to happen to SL performances ever! Eventually , I came to accept all the flaws and find my groove. Can’t move? Tell Harvey. Need a music cue? Ask Becky. Teleport back to the dressing room? That’s what castmates are for! Once I gave myself leave to mess up and still be capable of getting through it, I enjoyed myself. I know I’ll be totally ready to tackle another role – once I trade in my hamster-in-a-wheel processor for a shiny new system! I’m a very proud member of the BPAC (Basilique Performing Arts Company) and I’ll gladly trod the boards for them again!

~ End ~

Trixi’s last show as Tybalt was Saturday, August 31st. This Saturday (September 14), we’ll introduce the new (and third) Tybalt, played by Sonia Yeu. Sonia will be assuming the role of Tybalt through the Autumn seasons, and she’ll be performing nearly every week from now till the end of December at the Basilique Playhouse. For information on dates and times, see our Media Kit.

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