Getting to know Mercutio played by Syn Wytchwood

Syn Wytchwood is Mercutio in Romeo + Juliet. Photograph by Strawberry Singh
Syn Wytchwood is Mercutio in Romeo + Juliet. Photo taken at Our Island near the Basilique Playhouse by Strawberry Singh

Syn was one of the first performers to audition for us, and the first to be cast in Company B in the role of Mercutio. From the minute I first saw her, I knew she had something special. She was well prepared and had done her research. She was dressed in a white silk dress (complete with wings!) and her hair styled and coloured in a way that made her look almost like Juliet.

Her audition, without any training or experience, clearly showed there was an artist inside. The very minute she left the audition, I turned to Harvey and said something like: “OMG, I could eat her up she’s so cute.” I knew from that very instant we’d found our new Mercutio.

The role of Mercutio is one of the most demanding in our adaptation. Syn leads three scenes in the play, “Straighten Up and Fly Right”, “Kung Fu Fighting” and “Crazy Little Thing”. She also plays Juliet in “Fever” and “Let’s Get It On”. So yes, she is one of the backbones of our little stage show.

Syn is very reliable and supportive of the play and her fellow cast members. She has a positive and helpful attitude and I would continue working with her for as long as she’s interested. The amount of time she’s spent helping other cast member’s has been a pleasure to see and both Harvey and I are very appreciative of her efforts.

After signing her up for the new Autumn Season of Romeo + Juliet in Second Life, I got a chance to chat with Syn to ask her about her thoughts and feelings on the play, and her role in it:

Becky: Thanks for spending some time chatting with me today. So my first question is, what did you first think when you heard about being considered for a part in Romeo + Juliet?
Syn: I thought, “OMG ARE THEY CRAZY”?! and then I made some kind of noise that doesn’t articulate well in written form. xD

B: How did you find the audition process?
S: I saw the casting call posted on Strawberry’s blog… which I stalk on a regular basis. I actually thought it was kinda fun.. you know.. after the nerve wracking search for a dance, an outfit and the courage to make myself go up on stage in front of people I didn’t know to dance.  But after that, it was a blast 🙂

Syn, auditioning in June 2013
A snapshot of Syn’s audition in June 2013

B: That’s great. Do you think the story of Romeo + Juliet is still relevant today? Why or why not?
S: I do. I spoke to a friend about this, and he said “The question is, how is it NOT relevant? It’s a story, about two people, who come from opposing families. That could easily parallel, opposing countries, or races. The first example springing to mind, is Israeli/Palestinian. Love stories, as a general rule, are always going to be relevant throughout any time period in history, because.. well, people love”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

B: How would you describe your character’s personality? Strengths, weaknesses?
S: Mercutio is a scamp. He’s the sword-fight loving best friend of Romeo and a bit of a rogue… though he’s also fiercely loyal. He’s not a Montague, but he fights for his friend who is.

B: How do you feel when the curtain goes back at the start of your first scene?
S: There are some nerves, always… but, as soon as I’m out there the nerves go away and I just enjoy myself.

B: What were some of the challenges in preparing and performing this show?
S: Timing! Omg… timing the dances with the music was almost enough to make me slam my head off the nearest desk like surface (there was math involved), but eventually I got it down.

B: It’s not as easy as it looks is it? What was your most scary moment as you were performing the show?
S: When our HUDs went down mid performance and everyone had to scramble to rip our dances from the old one, put them in the new one, and run back to finish the show.

B: I remember that, what a nightmare – we got through it though. Would you do something like this again if you had the chance?
S: At the first chance I get… yes. This has been an amazing experience.

B: That’s wonderful, Syn. Well, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. You make a great Mercutio!

You can catch Syn doing her thing nearly every week from now till the end of December at the Basilique Playhouse. For information on dates and times, see our Media Kit.

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