Seeking the Prince of Cats: A casting call for Romeo + Juliet

The Stage Awaits
The stage calls… will you answer?

How would you like to join the esteemed thespian ranks of Michael York, Armand Assante, John Leguziamo and Alan Rickman? Well, here is your chance: We need a new Tybalt Capulet, and soon!

Trixi Violet, who has played Tybalt over five summer performances of Romeo + Juliet will be leaving us at the end of August (her last show is the 31st). The Basilique Performing Arts Company thanks her for all of her hard work and wishes her well in the future.

What does Tybalt do in Romeo + Juliet?

Tybalt is Juliet’s hot-headed cousin. He has a small, but pivotal role in our adaptation. We first see him at the Capulet Ball (“Come What May”) where he spots Romeo, and watches him warily from the stairs. Later, he seeks to raise a quarrel with Romeo and instead encounters Mercutio. They fight and he slays Mercutio (“Kung Fu Fighting”). In revenge, Romeo kills Tybalt and he is banished from Verona. This is the turning point of the play that leads inexorably to the tragic consequences of at the end.

In our production, Tybalt is responsible for leading one scene, “Kung Fu Fighting”. It’s an ideal role for a stage beginner (a woman or man) who would like to get a taste of what it’s like to perform in a Second Life dance production.

“What do I get?”

We give instruction on choreography and dance choice, dance animations and costumes for your role. We also provide a free performance dance HUD. You will receive a share (80%) of any tips you receive and a copy of your own portrait in costume taken. You will be interviewed for this blog ( Some people have said that performing in a show like this is on their Second Life bucket list – well go on then, here’s your chance!

“What am I committing to?”

You will need to take part in up to two full-dress rehearsals before your first live performance, and agree to make any changes to your list of dances and timings for your scenes available to the Company upon request. You’ll need to make your best effort to learn and practice choreography and dancing. Tybalt also acts as an assistant stage manager, helping the Stage Manager will on-stage feedback and crew support. The Tybalt role should take about 2 hours to learn thoroughly.

You will also need to be on time and active during show times and day, 30 minutes before the scheduled curtain time. Shows are typically 90 minutes and scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays OR Sundays and are scheduled between 1pm and 6:30 pm SLT. The current schedule of dates can be found on the Media Kit – See Company B dates.

You’ll need to get your picture taken and be filmed, and for these products to be used alongside your name so The Company can promote the show.

We’re looking for an eight-week commitment to the production, so that the Company can set up and promote dates well in advance, and with the exception of extraordinary events that would be discussed and agreed upon, you’ll need to be available for one show a week.

“When can I audition? And when is the deadline for applications?”

Send a notecard to Canary Beck or Crabsticks Resident (Harvey) and we’ll schedule an audition for you ASAP (Deadline for applications is August 31st). You can also email me if that’s easier. Just tell us:

  • Your full avatar name
  • Why you want to take part in this production of Romeo + Juliet
  • That you have read the above requirements and can agree with them
  • Specific dates and times that you’re available for auditions (this needs to happen between Sept 1st (or earlier) through September 8th – ideally between 10 am SLT and 4 PM SLT.

Don’t let this simple audition process put you off. We just want to have a look at your avatar, see how fluid your are with simple movements and animation controls, and have a friendly conversation, it’s not Strictly Come Dancing.

Good luck!

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