Ok. This is brilliant. With this post, you have officially entered my favourite blog posts of 2013. Thank you so much.

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fbThere’s a very interesting paper doing the rounds at the moment which draws a fascinating conclusion: Facebook has a tendency to undermine its devotees’ self-confidence and sense of wellbeing.

Anyone who’s ever tussled with the ‘joys’ of the Big F is likely to be able to relate their own story of how Facebook screwed things up for them, if only in a small way – i’ve lost count of the number of people i know who have either threatened to, or actually closed their FB accounts, or become disenchanted with the whole thing because of the hassles they’ve experienced. Whether it’s masses of ‘friends’ desperate to add you to their collection of barely-acquainted contacts, cyber-bullies or being at the butt-end of misunderstanding, smear campaigns or simply being ignored, FB – like so much of the internet seems to bring out the very worst in people, in a very public manner.

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