Bad twin

Manon doing something that I've never done
Manon, my bad twin, doing something that any bad twin worth her salt would do: just given’r on a super bike.

“Hello there, twin.”

I looked at the origin of the remark and was amazed to see that I was looking at a hazel-eyed version of myself.

“Oh, neat,” I said with a smile, immediately cringing at my near-compulsive use of that word. Despite all my efforts and entirely regardless of whether something is actually ‘neat’ or not, I simply cannot stop saying it. How I sometimes wish life had a cmd+Z.

“Well, all I can say is you have great taste,” she said.

“Wow, that’s never happened before!” I said… “and a redhead too!?”

Oh yeah, Manon recently got a lip ring and nose stud. She is so clearly my bad twin.
Oh yeah, Manon has a lip ring and nose stud, which perfectly suits the hackneyed bad twin device found so often in fiction. In films, the twins are almost played by either the same actor, and rarely the actor’s actual twin, if they have one… which I clearly do.

“Funny, isn’t it?” she asked. “Only our eyes are different, and you present yourself less slutty than I am at the moment”. I looked at her in nothing but her short tube skirt, monster heels and lipstick, and was silently glad she added the words “at the moment” to that statement.

As I looked her over, I noticed that she was also thinner and slightly taller than I was, but I went with it, not wanting to nitpick. Nitpicking comes later in this post.

“So what brings you here?” she asked.

“I was lonely,” I said, only half-joking.

“Aww, well if you want I’ll be your evil twin. You’ll never be lonely again.” And then, she winked. And while it was hard to make it out in that blue light of the bar, I dare say she winked evilly.

“Oh, that would be fun, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have an evil twin.”

She laughed at that, and then said she hadn’t. “But my tutors always said ‘Somewhere, you have a twin, and she’s a very nice, good girl.’

Well, if Superman can have Bizarro, I can have Manon, right? And that’s how I met my bad twin, nearly two months ago.

Last night I wanted to take a few photos and I saw her online. I gave her a call, and she said she was in her leathers taking her bike for a spin on a racetrack. Of course she was, I thought, because that’s what bad twins do. She suggested we meet up elsewhere, but the thought of getting a photo of her all decked out in bike armour intrigued me. The two shots above, among others, was the result.

“Cool…” I said as I showed her the photos I’d just taken. “I had a feeling it’d be cool to get this kind of shot. This was neat…”


Manon and I are keen on getting more photos taken together. She makes me laugh and is no doubt a very bad influence. In true, doppelgänger style, she’s even willing to edit her shape so that it more closely mirrors mine. Somehow, I have to convince her to get some mesh hands and feet. Anyway, I’m working on some ideas that might benefit from our similarity, but if you’ve got any, do let me know!

6 thoughts on “Bad twin

  1. I cringe at the thought of an evil Cao out there somewhere, Cao tipping everyone. O.o I think you should do a sort of yin-yang picture with the two styles of clothes each would wear to represent their side of the force of nature. Happy weekend Becky! xox


    1. That’s a good idea Cao – maybe even having a good ol’ cat fight – aka internal struggle. Of course, true to form, my bad twin has gone dark, completely unaccessible and unresponsive. I’m guessing she’ll pop back into my life when I least expect it; sporting a tattoo, barb-wire scars and a hell of a story to tell.


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