Yet another unsent message

Yet another unsent message
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I was surprised to see you online today after so long and I wanted to reach out and say hello because it’s what I’m so used to doing with you but I didn’t because I think you might not be here to socialise and to be honest I’m still disappointed that you left without saying goodbye and I miss you but I know your life is busy and complicated because you have a lot to deal with and have trouble balancing and need to make choices and I understand that very well so I went and did what I had to do but I kept an eye on the top corner of my screen to see if you might message me because I figured you might have seen me online but you didn’t and maybe it’s because you think that because I didn’t respond to your earlier messages I might not want to talk but actually I really do want to talk and…

5 thoughts on “Yet another unsent message

    1. I just read about your very sad news Mera and only now am seeing the context of this comment – I have been utterly clueless… and oh my, you are so right.


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