A cache of old photos – greetings from Bali

Bali Beach Home Facade
I typically don’t flog products on this blog, unless I’m directly involved in their production. So, to say that I was surprised to be invited to attend an “exclusive 24 hour VIP viewing” of reBourne’s new Bali home would be a considerable understatement. The invite, however, came from a fellow blogger whose work I respect, so I accepted the offer to have a look.

As an aside, this was an interesting exercise in writing a product review, and by interesting, I mean really, very difficult! What I’ve discovered is that it is considerably harder than it looks to get all excited about what you’re writing about, and despite really liking the house, the writing of the post did not come naturally at all! I don’t expect to be writing a lot of these in the future, but it was a learning experience to try it out – I hope you enjoy it, despite my rather clumsy efforts.

I was surprised to find that there wasn’t anyone else around while I was there, so I decided to stay a while, apply some sunscreen, and enjoy it the way I would on holiday. It’s a good thing I’m publishing this on a weekend, because some might consider the images from here on in as NSFW.


Within a few minutes of arriving at the build preview, I couldn’t help but recall the Balinese-styled resort I’d stayed at when I vacationed on the Thai island of Samui a few years ago.

Walking through the four deliciously-appointed rooms, I was pleased to see that the house isn’t oversized at all, which suits me just fine because I often feel like a midget in most Second Life homes. There are loads of well-crafted and authentic little details that serve to give one the distinct impression that one is actually on holiday somewhere in the South Pacific.

In the pool

If the success of a build can be evaluated by how immersive it feels, I’d say my early impressions of Bali were moving in the right direction. I tried just about every feature at least once, but there are so many options built into the furnishings and fixtures, it would literally have taken me hours to experience them all, not to mention the fact that the vast majority were best suited for couples, and I was alone… *sniff, sniff*

In the bath

Among the many attractive features of this home are the many opportunities to relax in the water. When I was in Samui, I spent half my time either in the pool or the bath, and I felt entirely comfortable doing the same here.
In the shower

In the tropics, it’s only natural to want to cool off as often as you can. Fortunately, the home has a well-appointed shower and tub that offers up exactly the type of refreshment you’d want within easy reach.
In the bathroomI took a lot more photos, which is pretty much par for the course when I’m on holiday. I chose to share these snaps as I felt they really captured how relaxing it is to spend time here.

The build can be purchased with or without furniture. All furniture seen in this post is included with the premium (furnished) version. Furniture is also set for sale individually in the demo and on marketplace, so you can pick and choose your favourite pieces, if you don’t wish to buy furnished versions.

The fully furnished/animated house is priced at $14,999.00 linden with the unfurnished/no animations/no menu option available for $8,999.00 linden from the reBourne store. I would definitely opt for the former.

I should also say that a 50% discount on the sale price will be available for the first 48 hours upon its release to the public (today, Friday, August 2nd), making this house a real steal for the quality and craftsmanship.

Disclosure: My invitation to view and blog about this home stated that “each invited person who finds the Bali suitable for blogging will be sent a copy of the Bali as a thank you for welcoming reBourne Prefabs and this new home into the blog-sphere. The only stipulation to receive the house is you must blog it by Saturday night.”

In other words, I’m getting one of these homes in return for writing this post. I was under no obligation however to give a positive review, that was entirely my choice.

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4 thoughts on “A cache of old photos – greetings from Bali

  1. Great take on the post. I was smiling as I read you feel like a midget in most homes and being that my avatar is tall I always feel like I’m suffocating in most homes.


    1. Ha! Yeah, I’m only 5’10”, so most Second Life buildings are like grand castles to me. I especially notice it with doors, where the handles tend to be above my shoulder level. I’ve noticed that some mesh buildings will scale down though, so maybe they scale up too?


  2. So THAT’S what happens when a house is shown while the owners away. I always wondered why the floor was wet in the bathroom.. 😉 Actually you could have said not a single word, your pics sold me the house (if I owned dirt and could afford it) but your words were a nice additional enticement. Great job! 🙂


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