An overcast evening in Baja Norte

Last night I threw my camera and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc into my bag and spent the evening shooting Baja Norte. I’d seen heaps of photos of this desert shore in full day light and it is undeniably as beautiful as the pictures have captured it – if not more. I was glad to have caught it in a more overcast evening, hopefully giving my photos a bit of a different twist on what’s already been seen already.

The first thing that impressed me was the natural beauty of the place. Everything felt just right, the sounds of the crashing Pacific, the squawking of the birds, the wind overhead – it was going to be a wonderful evening.
A dusty warm light had settled over the rugged shore when I saw these birds straying from their flock to perch themselves up on a surf-sprayed rock. They looked like Pelicans to me.
Their plumage looked almost metallic. These were gregarious birds that clearly enjoyed each other’s company. Perhaps they were a couple. I do know that pelicans are monogamous, for the mating season at least.
There is a lighthouse warning ships to keep their distance from the natural harbour, which is wrapped inside jagged rocks causing a natural funnel that can stir up some pretty big surf. Jac Mornington, the owner, has some surfboards available on the beach for those who want to have a go.
This is Jac’s place. It’s nestled on top of one of the hills, but you can get to it by walking up a long flight of stairs and walking through a little hole in the rock, which I did in hopes of not being spotted. I didn’t want to invade his privacy but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a few cheeky shots from the outside…
And one very, very cheeky one from the inside… Hey, how could I help it?
Fortunately Jac was chatting with visitors on the beach at the time. This cute little guy was squawking away at him the whole time, as if to warn him that he had a nosey parker taking photos of his home.
Jac has a great eye for both fauna and flora. This is part of his cactus garden next to the beach shack that sits in a little dip between the narrow of the island. It’s a favourite spot for resting armadillos trying to cool off under the shade of the palms.
I found a little boat on the shore and made my way out to the lighthouse finding this pack of seals lounging in the setting sun making an incredible noise.
I managed to get close enough to one of them at sat down silently to observe him. He seemed more interested in pensively  watching the surfers instead of bothering with me.
I got caught up in a big wave and was laughed at by a surfer. He told me that we were in shark-infested waters (I later read that he was in fact right). After I swam back to shore, I pretty much collapsed on one of the tarps. I’m not sure which surprised me more: that it was already 2am, or that I could have easily spent twice as much time on this lovely island group and still not satisfy my shutterbug. There is no doubt I’ll be back soon.

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