Romeo + Juliet: A sneak preview in video

If you haven’t yet seen our performance of Romeo and Juliet live in Second Life, here’s a taste of what you’re missing. Johan Neddings has been very busy putting some serious computing resources together to capture several of our performances on video. He intends to edit them all into a full-length video version of the performance, but in the meantime has released some raw footage. Here is a rough cut of that raw footage, a scene where Romeo dances into the chapel to find Juliet there, as if she were dead.

You don’t see the dialogue in this video as it was shut off when the video was taken. Also, I’ve compressed this video a fair bit, so apologies for any quality issues you might notice – I assure you things look much better in world!

So join us at the Basilique Playhouse today at 1pm SLT and see it live. Our three new cast members are eager to show you what they’ve been working on for 3 weeks!

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