Rehearsals started this weekend

Rehearsing with Gwen Cosgrove
Rehearsing “The Wild Boys” with Paris, played by Gwen Cosgrove

Rehearsals are now underway at the Basilique Playhouse as we get ready for the summer season of Romeo and Juliet. I spent most of the weekend introducing Syn, Gwen and Trixi to their routines, animations and costumes. We had a few people drop by during rehearsals and they were worried about interrupting us. Don’t be! We don’t mind open rehearsals at all for a production that we’ve already premiered, as long as you don’t mind hearing the same song played until you can’t get it out of your head no matter how hard you try. So feel free to stop by, the Playhouse is open to the public at all times.

The biggest realisation for me during rehearsals this time around is that because the creative process of choreography was finalised before I started instructing the new players on their routines, I’ve been able to introduce them to all the routines in less than two days. Harvey, Cloe, Belice, Ame, and I spent weeks figuring this stuff out and now it just all fits in to place like magic! We are hugely in their debt!

Another difference is that the Company is covering the costs of animations and costumes for the players this time around. I don’t really keep track of what I spend on preparations for performances, but I’ve since realised it costs about L$2000 for animations and about L$1500 for costumes, for each player! Most players only need one costume, but we’re going for really high quality outfits and accessories. The animations are about $L250 each, and each scene needs about 5-6, so it can add up quick. Because we’re using dance styles ranging from Jive, to Ballet, to Combat, to Rock and Roll, we can’t really take advantage of fat packs.

Rehearsing "Fever" with Juliet, who is played by Syn Wythwood in this scene
Rehearsing “Fever” with Juliet, who is played by Syn Wytchwood in this scene

It makes me think we could really use sponsorship from animation creators and clothing sellers. I’d be happy to give big credits to creators who could help us fund the productions. If you know anyone from say… MyAnimation, Henmations, or Hoorenbeek (where we get most of our suits), and POST (where most of our sets are from) please do let them know I’d love to speak to them and see if we could work something out. We’ve already had outstanding support in the form of donations from Maai, who designed Juliet’s white dress pictured above, thank you Snow! Oh, and we also received a gift of beautiful new seats (pictured below) from a very happy patron who saw our show a few weeks ago.

Our brand new seats donated by a generous patron.
Our brand new seats donated by a generous patron. Aren’t they lovely?

With the next production, I’ll be a bit more conscious of getting sponsors involved from the outset. That brings me to the next idea for a performance that I’ve thought hard about. We’ve brainstormed many, many ideas, none of which have yet stuck to the point of commitment. The choice of Romeo + Juliet, once identified, was so obvious and perfect, that I’m finding it very difficult to settle on the next libretto. I’m assured we’ll find the right book, but until then, because it is such a huge commitment, I’m leaving my options open.

One thought on “Rehearsals started this weekend

  1. It’s great to see something like this in-world. I can’t wait to get back into town and visit during rehearsals.


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