Happy (Official) Birthday QE2!

It's the Queen's Official Birthday!
It’s the Queen’s Official Birthday!

Did you know the Queen of England has not one, but two birthdays? It’s true. Whilst Queen Elizabeth II’s was born April 21, 1926 (making her 87 this year), the Queen’s Official Birthday is the selected day on which the birthday of the monarch of the Commonwealth realms is officially celebrated in those countries. The date varies as adopted by each Commonwealth country, but is generally around the end of May to the start of June, to coincide with a high probability of fine weather in the Northern Hemisphere for outdoor ceremonies. How convenient! We should all be so lucky to have two birthdays and one of them arranged for fine weather, don’t you think?

Whilst I almost never do straight fashion posts, I figured I’d make an exception in this case (that, and I’m under pressure to produce one blog post a day for the month of June: Avatar Blogger’s Month – thanks very much for the push Vanessa!)

In this photo, taken in the Basilique Playhouse Dressing Room, I’m wearing:

  • Dress: GizzA, Elegant Steps
  • Hair: Truth, Demi Ginger
  • Shoes: Fanatik, Classic Pumps Nude
  • Hands: Slink, Mesh Rigged Hands
  • Earings: Zaara, Nizam Jhumka
  • Ring: Zaara, Kashiti Bobble Ring
  • Crown: Remarkable Oblivion, Once Upon A Time Crown

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