A meme I can do! Berry’s Communications Meme…

Dancing with friends last night at the Nag's Head (Creamy's Spot)
Dancing with friends last night at the Nag’s Head (Creamy’s Spot). Left to Right: David Abbot, Ame Dovgal, Gwen Cosgrove, Harvey Crabsticks and me. Cloe Nyn joined us after this picture was taken.

For weeks, I’ve been seeing Berry post these meme’s and thought: “I really ought to give this a go…” but I’ve been really busy so I keep putting it off. The communications meme, however, is simple enough for me to take part in while getting on with my other stuff, so here goes:

Who did you speak to last inworld today?

Today, no one, but last night, that would be Harvey Crabsticks. We watched a couple of episodes of Jericho, which is a really addictive television series available on Netflix about a group of people trying to survive in and around a remote small town in Kansas after nuclear war leaves them stranded in the middle of the United States.

Who has taught you most about SL?

See above 😉 To be fair though, this question could probably be split up in a few different areas. I’ve certainly learned more about the technical aspects about Second Life (and just what is possible) from Harvey, without question. I’ve learned a lot from Purdie Silkamour on how to entertain people through dancing and emoting. Ame Dovgal has been the most helpful to me as a voice of counsel when it comes to interpersonal relationships in Second Life. Gwen Cosgrove taught me a lot of about family subcultures in SL. Arawn Skeldergate taught me how to DJ; and Marv Prieto (both at the KamaSutra) taught me a lot about the basics of building. For singing in Second Life, Harvey again has been the most helpful to me in getting myself kitted out and performing in front of live audiences. For places to go, I used to watch Yordie Sand‘s blog closely (I also think I learned most about blogging from her as well), but since she’s left I’ve turned a lot more to Honour McMillan‘s blog. I’ve learned most about taking pictures in SL from Strawberry Singh and Nearly Doune.

Who do you turn to for help?

Again, I’d split this up: For pretty much anything that might go wrong with my viewer, or problems with my inventory, or just general answers about the daily enigmas generated by my Second Life user experience, I turn to Harvey. He might not be able to fix every problem (who can?) but has really got me out of some real scrapes when necessary. When it comes to finding things I want in world, I’d say that I’ve turned a lot to Gogo (JuicyBomb) in the past (although I still skim every blog post she writes as there are gems in them there hills!). I’ve kind of gone off her recommendations when it comes to fashion as my own style has evolved considerably, and now tend to watch Berry’s blog for my fashion inspirations.

Who is the most entertaining person on your friend list?

That’s a really tough one actually. I find so many people entertaining, but I’d have to say that the funniest person in Second Life is David Abbot.

Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL?

I used to do a lot more on Facebook, but now that I’ve converted my profile into a page, I find that I’m “off the grid” so to speak. I don’t have a friends I chat with on Twitter, but do keep a profile there (albeit it’s more of a place I share links on as opposed to engage in conversations). I chat with a couple of friends on GTalk, which is cool when I want to stay in touch and can’t easily be in the ‘all-consuming’ world of SL. I also have a couple of friends I stay in touch with over email, and one person I know in RL who I’m also friends with in SL.

Are you part of a community or family inworld?

Yes, and can’t imagine not being so. My first months in SL were spent wandering around aimlessly until I found this silly little beach called Aloha. Here I met a few people who I saw more than a few times. We had a bit of a “beach-bum hangout” thing going which held my interest for a while. Shortly afterwards I wandered from club to club when I became a dancer. None of those really stuck other than the FC, in which I eventually got my first real job in SL as an Officer and eventually a Manager. This helped me understand the club business, which inevitably led starting my own community (the KamaSutra) which evolved into what is now the Basilique. Recently, I’ve expanded my hangouts to the Amouresque and Creamy’s Spot, and finding that I enjoy spending time at both places, which is great because I love variety and these scenes are quite different from each other.

Are you usually around a lot of people or do you spend most of your time alone inworld?

I’m around other people probably 95% of the time that I’m on SL. Naturally an extravert, I recharge my batteries from being around others. Lately however, I’ve found that I really enjoy my alone time. That usually involves “sharpening the saw” activities like organising my inventory, making outfits, shopping, taking pictures and blogging while online. Something that I’ve really enjoyed doing over the last year has been watching TV series or movies with my friends on SL. It’s easy to do, and sometimes just what you need to wind down or enjoy a different kind of shared experience. So far, I’ve watched several movies (memorably Breakfast at Tiffany’s), the entire 6 seasons of Lost, Netflix’s House of Cards, and the first season of Jericho.

3 thoughts on “A meme I can do! Berry’s Communications Meme…

  1. Awwwww, I am so happy you joined in and feel flattered that you like my blog for the fashions as I don’t consider myself a good stylist in any way, lol. Also, I absolutely LOVED House of Cards and eagerly waiting for the next season. Thank you so much for participating and I hope you get the chance to do more. ❤


  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Strawberry’s meme’s! .. you’ll be addicted soon and hang out waiting for the questions to be posted like the rest of us. LOL


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