An Interview with Cloe Nyn with photography by Strawberry Singh

Cloe Nyn plays Paris in Romeo and Juliet - Photo by Strawberry Singh
Cloe Nyn plays Paris in Romeo and Juliet – Photo by Strawberry Singh

I first met Cloe Nyn when I wandered into the Amouresque Club late last year. I was busy visiting all sorts of high-end clubs whilst researching what I might do after the KamaSutra (which of course ended up as the Basilique). I never imagined then that we’d be sharing hours and hours bringing Shakespeare to the Second Life stage!

Together with her business partner Belice Benoir, Cloe is one of the owners of the Amouresque. The Amouresque Club is an exceptionally stylish modern deep-house music club that I really think is best in class. The interior decorating is as good, if not better, than most clubs you might find where I live (London, England). The furniture is top-shelf quality, and you can just see their designer’s eye, and attention to detail, pretty much everywhere you look. The music and DJs are some of the best I’ve heard in Second Life. I love dancing there in their outdoor bar or inside lounge… and, their pool! Their pool makes me feel like I’m on a 5-star tropical holiday. I tend to stick around the Basilique a lot, but when I want a complete change of scene, I really can’t think of a better place than Amouresque. Just go already!

Here's Cloe lounging by the Amouresque pool - a well-deserved rest after months of rehearsals.
Here’s Cloe lounging by the Amouresque pool while I interviewed her – a well-deserved rest after months of rehearsals. Photo by me ūüėČ

We at the Basilique have worked hand in hand with the Amouresque girls in putting on performances (like the Burlesque Spectacular we performed there) and several joint parties starting or ending at each others clubs. I find these women to be two of the most open-minded and forward-thinking club owners I’ve ever met – always happy to cooperate and share information with each other, always reliable and very keen to just make a better second life… it’s a great partnership on so many levels!¬†Anyway, enough of the Amouresque infomercial!

When we were casting Paris and Tybalt, two essential players in the Romeo and Juliet story, we looked no further than inviting Cloe and Belice to take part. They were thrilled and did an amazing job. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, make plans right now to do it – the next show is this Friday at 5PM SLT!

Something I’ve wanted to do for some time was to interview all the players to get their take on what it was like to take part in this performance. And of course, I couldn’t resist asking my favourite Second Life fashion photographer, Strawberry Singh, to capture the players in their 1940s costumes and on set. She’s done a fantastic job of capturing Juliet’s¬†over-confident and¬†ill-fated suitor, Paris. And here’s Cloe Nyn, in her own words, on what it was like to play Paris:

Becky: What did you first think when you heard about being part of an Second Life Dance Production?

I think it was shortly before we had Purdie and you¬†dance your Burlesque show at Amouresque. And when I saw the smooth syncing of the music and the dances, I thought ‘hey, I want to learn that too!’ For me it was an opportunity to learn this great performing skill from the professionals, so I was very excited!

Becky: Do you think the story of Romeo and Juliet is still relevant today? Why or why not?

Cloe: It is a classic tale of two people falling in love despite of what they are told and taught by their environment. Even in 2013, in a modern world, people try to tell you what is wrong and what is right. This tale is about following your heart, your passion.. no matter what. Live your own life.

Becky:¬†How would you describe your character’s personality? Strengths, weaknesses?

Cloe:¬†Paris is a confident guy. He actually has fallen in love with Juliet and finds it hard to believe she doesn’t return his love. That is his weakness, because he is rather full of himself. A bit of thickheaded guy, I think. Which can be a strength, but for this play, not really.

Becky: What were some of the challenges in preparing and performing this show?

Cloe:¬†The biggest challenge was to find proper dances for my music. With synchronizing it to the music we really pressed SL’s possibilities. Lucky for us, Harvey was able to script a new dancing HUD . That really helped us out and made us feel more secure on the dancing scenes.

Becky: What was your most memorable moment during the making of the show?

Cloe: The first time I saw the pieces fit together, the whole play. The storyline just fit.

Becky: Would you do something like this again if you have the chance?

Cloe:¬†Actually, this performance has made me so enthusiastic about SL performances, that I am working on a show myself. It must be the magic of the theatre or the applause you get after the show that makes it addictive. It is tricky though. You don’t want to become the young art student who walks into a museum, gets excited and runs home believing he can be the next Mondrian. It looks way easier than it actually is. So, the next Romeo & Juliet, I will not produce, but to be in it, I wouldn’t hesitate to say ‘Yes!’

Becky: What kinds of shows would you like to be involved in the future, and what would you like to do in them?

Cloe:  I would love to do an actual play. Trying to find ways to get animations smoothly flow from one into another. But dance performances is for sure something I had a taste of and want to do again.

Becky:¬†Are there any new projects you’re working on that you’d like to talk about?

Cloe: At the moment I am working on a Burlesque kind of performance. I have a few ideas that I would love to try to make it work. And the experience from the Romeo & Juliet play has given me the experience and confidence to make it work. I hope it will add to a more beautiful Second Life. Thank you!

And thank you Cloe! Watch this space for more interviews of the entire cast and crew, and for even more photographic deliciousness from Strawberry Singh!

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