Romeo and Juliet: Opening Night Reviews are in!

Romeo first dances with Juliet at the Capulet Mansion - Photo Credit: Amethyst Dovgal
Romeo first dances with Juliet at the Capulet Mansion – Photo Credit: Amethyst Dovgal

We performed Romeo and Juliet for the first time on Saturday the 27th of April. There was a full house in attendance and the first reviews are in!

Also, at the bottom of this post I’ve share future show dates if you missed opening night. With reviews like this, word will get out fast, so please ensure you plan on attending one of our performances in May.

“Outstanding performance and production… So freakin’ great to see SL used this way.”

Jamie Palisades

“Better than RL”

Quin Carter

“This was loads of fun.”

Snow Wolfhunter

“That’s art!”

Horatio Freund

“Great job to everyone! Very good show!”

Erik Relait

A few bloggers also chimed in with their reviews:

Second Life Novelist Huckleberry Hax wrote:

“The whole thing was a marvel of precision and synchronicity, with more or less every element flawlessly happening at just the right moment.  I can’t begin to imagine the complexity of all the scenery, lighting and costume changes – not to mention the cuing up of all the individual dances and audio files – under pressure of the time available to the team.  This was a performance by people who clearly love using SL as a form of expression and who wanted to bring Shakespeare to this medium.”

Read the whole review on his blog.

Second Life poet and writer of short and long-fiction, Lizzie Gudhov commented on my post on

“I have been to many theatre performances in Second Life. I have been to many ballets in Second Life. I have been to a ton of concerts, live and… well, not that live! All were the result of a considerable effort. SL is, nevertheless, merciless to this type of performance, and it’s quite frequent for the audience to get distracted by the oddity of the participating avatars’ behavior. Synchronization is virtually impossible. Taking into account all of SL’s quirks, Romeo and Juliet was an amazing performance. It’s visuals were beyond beautiful with a clean, uncluttered set elegantly decorated and lighted. The mix between text, dance and music was well balanced. The intermissions were a bit too long, but I gather this was due to the anticipation everyone felt to watch the next scene! The coordination needed to change the set, the pose balls, to get the music to enter on cue was extraordinary. To all who believe SL is not a pace for this type of performances… it CAN be done! I was told that there will be a few more performances in May, so, i you get a chance, do attend. It’s worth it! Huckleberry Hax wrote a great review post in his blog about this play where he said it was an hour and a half long. My reaction was “it was???”. It sure didn’t feel like it! Congratulations to you, Becky, to Harvey and to all the actors. It was amazing!”

Read her blog here.

Future performance dates and times

  • Saturday, May 11th at 1pm SLT
  • Friday, May 17th at 5pm SLT
  • Saturday, May 25th at 1pm SLT
  • Friday, May 31 at 5pm SLT

All at the Basilique Playhouse!


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