Sailing Away in Second Life

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One of my favourites things to do in Second Life is sailing, and I’ve been lucky to have sailed many times now, despite not really knowing how. To my surprise, I realised months ago that sailing in Second Life isn’t as easy as hopping on a pose ball and pushing the W or up arrow button. Having nervously taken the helm on Harvey’s boat last year for the first time, I learned that one has to not only  steer the boat, but also has to understand the impact of wind direction, speed, and how both interact with one’s rudder and sail configuration (please excuse my hopeless grasp of sailing terminology which for the moment mainly consists of the consistent usage of the terms bow and stern).

Last night my new friend David Abbot invited Purdie, Harvey and I for a cruise on his racing yacht, which is modelled on the types of boats that take part in the Volvo Ocean Race, a yacht race around the world that is held every three years. Needless to say, her looks are impressive. More importantly of course, does she ever rock the ocean waves!

I’d like to learn how to crew one day, and it will likely be on a boat similar to the one above that allows for multiple people to take part in working her. For now though, I find just lounging on the deck with good friends to be such a relaxed experience that it actually reminds of the blissful peace that sailing can sometimes feel like in RL – minus the minor tummy troubles as a bonus. The sound of the waves crashing on the boat, the sight of the spray coming over the bow, the feeling of movement, the limitless horizon, the chirping seagulls, it’s all there, minus the wet and cold.

Something else that I really like about sailing is that while someone else is having a great old-time crewing the boat, I can just chat away about whatever, while we’re just sailing away only to be happily interrupted by a nifty stop here and there to look at something spectacular, like the Leviathan pictured in the one of the photos above. Sailing and scuba diving can also make a great afternoon or evening out, and the Blake Sea is full of great spots to do this in.

Second Life is full of experiences that approximate experiences in RL. I’ve swum, hiked, cycled, ridden horses, enjoyed scuba diving, and even sky diving. I’ve ridden around in helicopters, airships, balloons and airplanes. I’ve even piloted my own lepidoptera (butterfly flying machine). Sailing though is one of the most social of these activities, which helps make it something I really look forward to, and enjoy every time I’m out.

Great memories 🙂

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