Consequences 2013-02-01 – 1

We played a fun game the other day at the Basilique called Consequences. This is a game where each person takes a turn choosing a word or phrase of a series of questions, in order. The trick is, everyone writes their part of the story at once, and then each part is revealed to create a (hopefully) coherent but (more often) a hilarious whole. Here is the formula:

  1. There was a guy called………
  2. (add details about appearance etc)
  3. There was a girl called…….
  4. (add details about appearance etc)
  5. They met …….(add details about where they met …what the weather was like etc)
  6. He said to her……..
  7. She said to him…..
  8. And then they…….
  9. The outcome of this story is….
  10. The moral of this story is…….

All of us being writers in one form or another, we couldn’t help but write paragraphs. Here was our first effort:

Purdie: There was this guy called Harry. He was a strange little man with a petulant attitude, who liked to receive surreptitious blow jobs ’round the back of his club…from other men.

David Abbot: There was a girl, once. The people called her “Justice,” but her mother called her Ariella, which probably explains why she liked the people more. She stood tall, armoured, a long knife in each hand and a glint of mayhem in her eye. Protetrix of the planet Fnorglebaff, her legend was as long as her snow white hair (which she usually kept under her helm to stop it from getting in the way during fights). She enjoyed flower arranging, forestalling armageddon and collecting cereal advertisement posters, although her true love was making pots out of old radioactive waste containers. Sadly, her love was not shared by the local craft fair, who broke her heart by refusing to sell them on public safety grounds.

Amethyst Dovgal: They met down by the fishing hole. The clouds were moving in with threatening claps of thunder in the distance and lightning sparked in the sky. The girl by now plastered wet with the droplets of rain looked down at her dress clinging to every curve. She shivered and picked up a worm, turning to him with an inquiring gaze……

Becky: He said to her…….. “As you know, I have been working on something very, very big. And thanks to the efforts of my good and trusted friend Dr. Smitzel, we have now completed plans… a quantum-molecular shrink-ray. I will be flying out to the Gobi Desert for two weeks to perform the necessary tests on the camels, but when I return, we shall then be ready to roll out our plan… And now is where you come in, I am counting on you to perform your part, as we discussed, or else the whole plan is at risk. I can trust you, can I?”

Harvey Crabsticks: She said to him, as she gazed up the hill that loomed before them “Oh my, that is big indeed.” Looking at her, he smiled, the full extent of their situation becoming clear. The stage was perfectly set for what was to happen next, and no-one, including them, could have guessed the way in which it would all go down.

Purdie : And then they decided to start a petition that outlawed microwaved jacket potatoes and decreed that anyone found eating them should be taken outside, made to wear a ridiculous hat and have people pass by and point and laugh at them.

David Abbot: After the dust had cleared, and the police had decided not to press charges, they found themselves raising whippets on a farm just outside Pnom Pehn – which came as a surprise to both of them given that they’d just signed contracts to start a jazz band on Mars, but at least it made a pleasant change from avoiding the amorous advances of the ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, which had been making Justice more than a little jealous with its habit of calling the boy’s cellphone at all hours of the night. They adopted a small tribble, and lived moderately happily for a reasonable period of time, because “Happily Ever After” is out of fashion in narrative prose and the union says you have to take what you can get in the current economic climate.

Amethyst Dovgal: And the moral of the story is…. never stick your rod out in a storm and never trust a girl offering worms!


There’s some sense in there somewhere! I have another one on the shelf that I’ll share later, when we’d warmed up, had a few drinks and properly lost the plot. Of course, we’re always looking for some fresh blood to join in on the story telling, or whatever really. Feel free to join us when creativity strikes you!

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