Canary Beck by Strawberry Singh 3 of 4

Canary Beck by Strawberry Singh, in the Basilique Bathhouse
Canary Beck by Strawberry Singh,  A shower in the Basilique Bathhouse

So what is the Basilique?

When I left the FC back in February of 2012, Purdie and I wanted to build a new, more advanced, more beautiful and more professionally run club. After building and running the KamaSutra, I couldn’t help but look back on the FC like a university student might look back on their small-town high school experiences. Whereas the FC was a bit like a playground for me to more less learn the ropes of technique, the Kama was considerably more of a toe-dip into my art.

By all accounts, socially, educationally, and economically, we succeeded brilliantly. However, like a blunt hammer that sees every problem as a nail, we were still confined to a context of an old idea – basically, a strip club where men (and a few women) visit and tip dancers to be entertained. Whilst there is a place for it, it’s all began to feel a bit banal really. This was a box I needed to climb out of, and with the Basilique, I’m seeing what’s outside of that box much more clearly.

As children and teenagers, we’re taught to sit still in rows; to listen to those who know more than us; to colour inside the borders. Once we leave the nest the comforts us, we begin to explore what’s outside the borders a bit, and the results can teach you more in a couple of weeks than you might have learned in over 12 years of school.

In a nutshell, the Basilique is the grown-up me, standing up to say “I made this. Love it or hate it.”

It’s different in so many ways from what I’ve done before. In a way, I’m turning my back to wanting to please everyone all the time.

First, we are exclusive.

It costs $L1000 to join, which as far as I know, is at the highest-end of private membership clubs. As we grow, so will the price. Like I said, I don’t want a place so full that it feels like you’re walking through molasses to sit at the other end of the room. That’s one reason for our tight, sim-wide avatar number limit, which if anything we’ll cut over time, not increase.

Second, we have and enforce clear expectations.

There’s a dress-code. You need to look smart to get in – no exceptions. The BathHouse is nude only, so the bashful need not apply. We don’t tolerate anything that will lag or affect the intended look and feel of the environment, so members and their guests are asked to leave their facelights, xcite! parts, gestures, and highly scripted attachments in their inventory.

There’s also a behavioral code. We’re a club for adults. We expect active and coherent communication. Wit and charm is the currency in trade. While sex isn’t the object, it’s a wonderful part of the adult experience. So, if members and their guests want to meet someone here and enjoy each other freely, we encourage it. If they want to connect with someone though, they’d better have a good chat up and be skilled in the arts of seduction, because the standards are high.

Third, we’re unafraid to cause offense.

We’ve layered heaps of tongue-in-cheek and irreverent references to old-fashioned charm and religiosity. You’ll notice it within a few minutes of arrival with one glance at the statue in the Basilique Square. Look a little closer, and you’ll find the house rules in a massive illustrated bible. To join, touch the baptismal font. The club’s hub is a converted Medieval Chapel, complete with an altar adorned by another lovely irreverent statue. Our DJ spins from the pulpit. Want a little private time? Step into our saucy sacristy. Or visit our similarly themed Chapel attic. We respect people, not idols.

We put on choreographed dance and live musical performances, followed by dancing under the stars. We’ll have Amsterdam-styled live sex shows acting out live erotic stories on voice. We play vintage music from the 20s, 30s and 40s. We only open between 1pm and 5pm and Tuesday through Saturday, because we want to provide a fully staffed experience for Members and Guests who are available in that timezone.

It’s not for everyone. One of our members last night likened us to Marmite, and that’s a very good analogy.

What about inclusion? What about fairness? What about reverence?

Sorry, but as snobbish and elitist as it might sound, I don’t want everybody to come. Our members, won’t want everyone to come – they might be too polite to say, so I’ll say it for them.

Who do I want? I want a smallish group of smart, engaged, secure, witty, classy, mature and well-put together adults that aren’t afraid to speak up in local and laugh a little – at life, at stuff we’re supposed to take seriously, and of course, at ourselves.

Want pictures? Here’s a Slideshow. Even better, pay us a visit. If you like it, join us.

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