Just released! Burlesque Spectacular Video 1 of 7: Big Spender

Burlesque Spectacular Poster
Our Inworld Show Poster, made by yours truly featuring photography by Strawberry Singh!

It’s a hit!

After weeks of prep and rehearsing, we completed two performances of our Burlesque Spectacular last Saturday to a sold out theatre for the early show at 1pm, and 3/4’s full for the 4pm! For those of you who missed it, we’ll be performing the show again in a little while, but are already busy preparing an entirely new act!

It dawned on me, during the promotion for this show, that some people didn’t know what Burlesque was! So here is a quick definition from Wiki, with a link to learn more if you’re interested in this art form:

The entertainment was presented often in cabarets and clubs, as well as music halls and theatres. Performers, usually female, often created elaborate tableaux with lush, colorful costumes, mood-appropriate music, and dramatic lighting; novelty acts, such as fire breathing or contortionists, might be added to enhance the impact of their performance. The genre traditionally encompassed a variety of acts: in addition to the striptease artistes, there was some combination of chanson singers, comedians, mime artists, and dancing girls, all delivered in a satiric style with a saucy edge. More

If you’d rather just see our Second Life version, have a look and listen to this video of our opening number: Big Spender from the musical Sweet Charity. This is such a great racy tune, set to a striptease beat, and full of great saucy touches like the calls between the girls in between the verses.

For all the numbers, Purdie and I selected the music, the costumes, and chose and choreographed the animations. Purdie did the voiceover announcements, which I’m sure you’ll agree are hilarious, and I did all the filming. Harvey was on stage management duty, working our lights, music and curtains, and a did a fantastic job while juggling members and guests. It was a real team effort!

We replayed the 6 numbers to record these videos, which I’ll share in separate posts. To start us off, here’s Big Spender, our duo opening number, featuring Purdie Silkamour and me:

10 thoughts on “Just released! Burlesque Spectacular Video 1 of 7: Big Spender

    1. Thanks Yordie. So happy you enjoyed it! Both Purdie and I have been invigorated by the creative process involved in putting on this show. And, we are looking for volunteers to be involved in bigger productions in future, keep it in mind 🙂


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