Sex & The Virtual City Episode 2 now on iRez

The steps make the journey

We have published the 2nd installment of the Sex & The Virtual City on iRez now! I titled the 2nd episode “It’s only a date auction…“, and it follows on the heels of Yordie’s first episode entitled: “How I ‘Lost that Loving Feeling'”.

Writing one story from two points of view has been more challenging than I imagined. I’ve found it difficult to channel another person’s voice (Yordie’s) in dialogue, and still sound convincing to those that know who she is.

Also, because our story is a mash-up of reality and fiction, I’ve had to work in things that have actually happened, and blend them with situations that propel a pre-determined narrative.

In writing the post, I’ve considered that Yordie and I have different voices in our writing style, so I’ll be interested to see how it reads as a continuous whole when it’s all finished.

Sure, it sounds like hard work, but it’s also been some of the most fun I’ve had blogging. I think we might be on to something here. Might it be a new style of writing, or at least the application of a commonly used technique to a new subject?

Authors typically draw on life experiences to tell their stories, even as far as inserting specific situations or characters that have actually occurred, and blending them into fictional circumstances. But I wonder how many people have done that with stories set in virtual worlds, where they can in fact manufacture experiences even more easily than one might on a movie set?

If you know of any stories like that, I’d be very interested in hearing about them. In any case, please have a read of Episode 2 and leave any comments you may have on the iRez post. I’ve added a fair amount of symbolism into this episode and am wondering if anyone will pick up on it.

3 thoughts on “Sex & The Virtual City Episode 2 now on iRez

  1. Your question, “Might it be a new style of writing, or at least the application of a commonly used technique to a new subject?” caused me to do some thinking this morning.

    In one respect it seems our adventure is similar to stories where an author presents the points of view of two or more characters. The big difference is that this two characters are actually writing the stories. I beleive we acting out or role playing our parts in the story. And I think role play is the element that makes our story mostly a non-fiction. Our characters are living our second lives but I don’t have the sense that we are manufacturing experiences.

    I know that you, my teacher, have a training plan and if I’m a good student and follow your directions that will lead to certain outcomes. In fact, when I try to comprehend your point of view, it occurs to me that you may have a clear idea of how our story will procede. But my sense of where we are headed is very unclear. I know there is a progression, but I’m inhibited by my past experiences and a sense of being unprepared. And I have fears about the concequences of my choices. Otoh, if I look at my fears objectively, it’s kinda cool that I can’t foresee where this story is going.

    When I wrote my role play story, The Samurai & the Geisha, I confronted the challenge of needing to fit actual events into a storyline. This was a challenge because I was trying to _discover_ the story. It was a very disorderly process but fortunately I started the story with a shadowy concept that had Taka and I on a secret mission for some unidentified third party. In that story I had to take all the activities each day and sort out everything that didn’t support that basic storyline. I found it was possible to write a story that was 95% “real” (meaning, real events from our role play) and only resorted to pure fiction when I needed to bring the story to an end.

    I’m hoping we’ll find our story within the “real” activities. *smiles*


    1. Yeah, you may have something there, about the two characters writing the story jointly, a uncommon scenario for sure.

      I’m interested in how you define “role playing” as well. I’ve never really considered myself a role player, having had only one ocassion to visit a real RP sim (western… fun!). I suppose you’re right, I’m “role playing” being an exotic club owner in SL and you’re role playing be an exotic dancer. The funny thing is, I’m just being me throughout the whole thing. So much so, that I don’t feel like I’m playing a role at all. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to it that I’ve become almost one with the role.

      Anyway, you’re right, I do have a plan and we’re moving right along. πŸ™‚


      1. Hi Becky…

        I noticed that a lot of people have an averse reaction to role play, but if you look at it like you did it makes a lot of sense.

        I once hosted for a DJ and suggested to her that it was role play and she was horrified, as if it was something obscene.

        I’m so accustomed to finding myself in role play scenarios it’s no big thing to me. I’ve been a geisha, starfleet cadet, ninja, hostess, a virtual wife and many other roles; each time I’m basically “me” but I’m not quite the same me because I’ve learned new skills and behaviors.

        Yay, I’m glad someone has a plan. hehehe πŸ™‚


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