Thank you.

My gratitude list for 2012:

Abi, thank you for your trust, your sense of humour, and your incredible loyalty and generosity – the faith and confidence I have in you is beyond measure.

Amethyst, my sexy soul-sister, you brighten every space we share. I’m a moth to your flame and I’d gladly ride around in your pocket all day and all night.

Andy, thank you for all of your advice, and for always finding a way to make me laugh. And while I have you, I’m sorry.

Arawn, through thick and thin, you’re always there for me and I treasure our friendship. I told you once I feel safer when you’re online, and that feeling has never left me – may we live long and prosper!

Connie, we don’t see much of each other anymore, and I know, that’s life. You will always be an important, and formative part of my Second Life. Hugs to you.

Eclypse, no one, really, no one compares to you. Thank you for your confidence, for your support, for sharing so much with me, for understanding me, and for challenging me to be at my very best when I’m around you.

Eduardo, your positivity and enthusiasm is a bright spot – thanks for being such a kind man, and becoming a member of our little tribe.

Gwen, thank you for your beautiful spirit. The way you can find the good in nearly everything, and nearly everyone, is an inspiration to me. Your support of my writing, my ideas, and my work is only matched by the genuine love I feel from you. Thank you for sharing some of my best times with me.

Jami, you are the closest thing to a mentor I’ve had in my Second Life. Thank you for the hours of advice you have shared with me, thank you for listening to me, and for caring enough to be one of the most honest people I know. Your patience and compassion are the stuff of legend.

Janina, my reminder of home. We’ll always be able to pick up exactly where we left off. Of course, I miss you, but you know, I’ll be right here when you come back.

Marv, your talent is inspiring. Thank you giving us your time, your energy and your beautiful imagination. Thank you for becoming one of my favourite people in all of Second Life. Thank you for sharing your most intimate challenges, for asking for my advice, and trusting me enough to follow it. You have that special spirit that makes you nothing less than adorable.

Millie, when I’ve needed you, you’ve been there with your ears, your compassion and your love. You’re not much around anymore, but I see you here and there on Facebook. I’m glad that I met you.

Patty, I still smile every time I get a little wave from you. Thank  you for the fleeting moments we shared.

Penny, my first friend in Second Life. How we laughed until we cried! Wherever you are, I miss you and will never forget you.

Pepper, thank you for opening your heart to me and for trusting me. I hope that all is well with you and that you finally find what you’re looking for.

Purdie, what else can I say that I haven’t already said? I love you, no matter what. You are my bestie, don’t ever forget that!

Sammie, sweet and lovely, smart and sassy, you are as much a class act as the first day I met you. And I miss you loads.

Stan, you are one of my oldest friends. We don’t talk much anymore, but I rest assured knowing that when I call, you will always answer.

Sybil, what a gift it was to meet you. Damn those time zones! Still, I cherish the moments when you step back into my life.

Spliff, Spliff, Spliff. This is what the friendzone feels like. What a great dad you’ve turned out to be! See! I always knew you would make it!

Yordie, you are one of my inspirations, if it wasn’t for you, there’d be no Songs from the Coalface, and I wouldn’t have discovered this wonderful perspective on my Second Life! Thank you for opening up my life to everything I was missing, and thank you for joining me on our mutual journey of discovery!

To the KamaSutra Tribe: Abi, Ame, Anna, Arawn, BellaRose, Captain Schorr, Chelsea, Eduardo, Gwen, Kat, Kitten, Marv, Micah, Miss Kitty, Paulinha, Purdie, Rita, Rose, Rudi, Sayu, Scarlett, Shela, Skylar, Sulkie, Winterlyn and Yordie – for all of your help, your feedback and your loyalty – then and in some cases now – thank you so much.

To some of the most supportive and kind guests we could ever hope to entertain: Archibald, Brixton, Cheese, Eliot, Guy, Masato, Pryce, Rafe, Spliff, and Stephen and so many others who help in their own little way – your generosity is seemingly without bounds.

To those I’ve learned from: Jenwen, Galanna, and Homens, whether it was what to do or what not to do, I am grateful for what I’ve learned from your experience.

To all the dancers and entertainers I’ve worked with that have taught me so much, especially Allure, Kendall, Sonia, and Shela. To all the ADA students who attended our classes, what a joy it was to have you. Teaching you made me better at everything I do.

To the content creators: thank you for clothing me, furnishing me, and housing me: Thank you Truth Hair, Glam Affair, N-Core, Gos, GizzA, LeLutka, Zaara, Maitreya, Mimikri, Agnes, Fishy Strawberry, BG Designs, Volstead, Unique, What Next – without you I wouldn’t be much more than the girl next door.

To Abso Zlatkis, Nearly Doune, and Strawberry Singh. Thank you for your amazing photographic skills. Your pictures have never failed to give people something to talk about with me when they open up my profile.

To the builders and the sim makers: there are way too many of you to mention. Thank you for providing the playground for us to play in.

To Linden Lab: Thank you for doing your best to  supply the tools and the canvas. Sure, we can bitch at you all year-long, but today you get a gold star just for showing up!

To the bloggers and the artists: thank you so much for all of your efforts, your brilliance, your humour, your openness, your tips, your instruction, your news, and your sharing. I’m proud to be among your ranks. Special shout outs go to Berry, Gogo, Tanaquil, Inara, Harvey, Seren, Skyler, KymSara and Sequoia, Whiskey, Caoimhe, Yordie, Daniel, Harper, Hamlet, Honour, Flora, Tipsy, Gwen, Pearl, and Mera.

To Vanessa, thank you for iRez. You have provided me, and so many authors, a place to share our ideas. Thank you for hosting one of the coolest conversations I’ve ever been involved in!

I’m grateful for WordPress, for providing this incredible platform where we can all express ourselves, pretty much any way we like.

And I’m grateful to Harvey. I’m leaving you near the end, because I didn’t want to run out of room at the top 🙂 You are an amazing companion, friend, and partner. I waited a long time for someone like you to come around, and had almost given up completely. I know, you’ll later say, “you don’t have to thank me”, but just let me: Thank you for sitting down to chat with me, that warm day in May. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me, for letting me in, for paying attention, and for always being there for me. Thank you for all of your tireless efforts in making all of our projects a success in progress. Thank you for patiently dealing with all of my ups and downs, for listening to my gripes, and for sharing in my triumphs. Thank you for your genuine compliments, your feedback, and for your consistent encouragement. Thank you most of all for your happy self!

And lastly, I’m grateful for You. Yes, you! The readers, the likers, the commenters and the followers too. Having you out there, reading these words, is a connection that I cherish so much. Thank you for sticking with me and paying me the greatest gift you can give: your time and your attention.

η α м α ѕ т є  _/\_.

6 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Becky, I won’t say it, because you know it 🙂

    Thank you too, for all of those things, but more than anything else, for being exactly who you are.


  2. Becky, this is an impressive list of things! Enjoyable post! Is this something you do every year? I don’t think I’d find the time, and I’d worry about leaving people out, but I do love stuff like this.

    But, thank YOU. I’m eternally grateful for everything you’ve done for me. You’re one of a select few people who have given me some of my fondest memories in SL. Just to think, we’ll have known each other a year this New Years! How things have changed in a short space of time! Anyway, I hope you’re doing well and I’ll hopefully be on for the contest tonight! (Woot, Friday.)


    1. Hi Gwen, like with so many things, I haven’t been as consistent as I’ve wanted to be with this kind of activity, but I know it’s something I want to make a habit of in the future. It takes time, but you feel so blessed afterwards.

      In the past, I’ve written a gratitude journal, which is in fact empirically proven to generate positive benefits in your life.

      You might want to try it! Just spend a few moments before bed writing the 3 things you were grateful for that happened that day. They can be the simplest things – like the fact you have as much as you’d ever want to eat whereas so many people in the world do not – or they can be really big things, it’s up to you. (Nelson featured prominently!) 🙂


  3. Awwww Becky!! 🙂 Thank you for your touching remarks. I hope I’ve told you that you are an inspriration to me as well. Through your blog I found the courage to express my own feelings. And thank you for bringing me into a new phase of my second life at KamaSutra, and to our adventure into this new writing project. Hugs & love, Yordie


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