Getting Carried Away with Sex & the Virtual City!

An image of Canary Beck, Vanessa Blaylock, Strawberry Singh and Yordie Sands
Promotional photo for “Sex & the Virtual City” a new blog series coming soon to set entirely in Second Life. Photography by Strawberry Singh. Click to see all the lusciousness!

This is a promotional image for iRez’s “Sex & the Virtual City”, a new 13-part blog series about to be released on The image features (from right to left) Yordie Sands, Strawberry Singh, Vanessa Blaylock and me!

Yordie Sands is just your typical Second Life avatar who stars as the heroine of her virtual fantasy life. Frustrated and disatisfied with her romantic relationships, Yordie considers leaving Second Life for good. Then comes an unexpected call  that opens a door to a world that captures her imagination. Follow Yordie Sand’s enthusiastic, yet somewhat reluctant, journey into the intriguing, yet potentially dangerous, world of exotic dancers and Second Life escorts. On her path she’s guided by Canary Beck, owner of the KamaSutra Exotic Gentlemen’s Club, who mentors her through the challenges and pitfalls of this shadowy world full of tests, allies and even a few enemies along the way. Will Yordie have what it takes? Will she cross the threshold and willingly enter this shadowy world, or will she turn her back to her former life?

I’m so excited about this series which promises to be an engrossing blend of fact and fiction, about one woman’s journey into the Second Life sex trade. Hosted by Vanessa Blaylock’s and illustrated by renowned Second Life photographer Strawberry Singh, “Sex & the Virtual City” is jointly chronicled by Yordie Sands and me, Canary Beck, soon to be released exclusively on

Prepare to get carried away 🙂

12 thoughts on “Getting Carried Away with Sex & the Virtual City!

  1. Great way to kick things off, Becky. No pressure on poor Yordie or nuthin! hahaha. I’m ready as I’ll ever be. Now I’ve got my quill pen and I’m scratching out my thoughts as I consider where this will lead me.


    1. Fact? Fiction?

      Let’s not forget that road trip epic… no, not Thelma & Louise… The Hitcher!

      I’ve been quoting Morpheus, “How do you define ‘real'” since forever… but I only recently discovered the wisdom of Qui-Gon Jinn: “Always remember: your focus determines your reality”

      Anyway, if our mission is to understand the nature of Real Life in the Virtual Century, and have Fun doing it, then I think you guys are knocking this one out of the park!

      Congrats & Good Luck!


      1. Here’s the thing though, I like my experiences to be genuine.

        I can take certain situations, like my adventure the other day with Pearl and add a little flare for throught my dramatic point of view. But when it comes to real emotions and experiences, like The Hitcher posts, I like to capture the real experience.

        I think there’ll be plenty of drama and adventure because I’m actually at a very pivotal point in my second life. In this case, “real” will be as real as real can be in a virtual world. At least that’s what I hope.


  2. This sounds fascinating. I’m sure it’ll be entertaining as well as a valuable record of virtual life experience. It isn’t the sort of thing I’d usually read if not for being in the hands of an intelligent, creative and thoughtful resident such as Yordie Sands. Yes, I mean that!

    These are the sorts of experiences that some of us are unwilling to engage in, as well as the SL Family experiences you wrote of recently Becky. I’m glad that some of you are willing and able to do a great presentation of this. It seems important for the future of virtual reality which I believe will be of great benefit. Yep, I mean all of this!


    1. I’m hoping we can meet up to expectations! Yes, “a valuable record of virtual life experience”, I love the way you put that. Absolutely, this is a memoir in the making, and I think Yordie’s perfect for it. There will be a lot of learning, on her part for sure, but also for readers who have ever had questions about in the adult-oriented aspects of Second Life, but were afraid to ask.


    2. Hi, Pearl. I thought I replied to your comments but I think it must have gotten lost in the ether.

      When I started, I didn’t really know what the purpose of my blogging was, but I stuck with the plan to keep a personal journal. This may sound wierd, but I discovered I have difficulty remembering events in Second Life. So my journal has always been partly to use as a tool for remembering. I guess the “record of virtual life experience” is what has evolved. Thank you for the kind words. And in case I haven’t told you, I’m a fan of your blog as well!

      I’ve been following Becky’s writing for about a year now, and I’ve found inspiration in the often deep and intimate feelings she expresses. In fact, her writing has encouraged me to strive for intimacy in my own writing. Also, I’ve toyed with the idea of exploring SL’s sex trade, but I’ve never had the courage to explore it from anything more than a superficial level. I’m looking forward to Becky’s training.

      Thanks again, Pearl, and stay tuned. (Geez, I’m soo afraid of making a fool of myself.)


      1. Awww….sorry to hear you’re afraid of making a fool of yourself. It could be more like umm…trailblazing….or temporarily getting stranded in the Calas Galadhon jungle and then moving on. You can refine and change things later.

        And making a fool of oneself isn’t so awful here. I’m not displaying my areas of expertise here what with the blogging, photography and understanding virtual worlds. People aren’t as mean here.

        This is an awesome thing and you’ll know when you’re too uncomfortable.

        Thanks for your kind words about my blog.


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