It’s still not too late as we’re trying as hard as we can to put a plan together.

Being Yordie Sands

I began writing about Hosoi Ichiba for iRez salon about a month ago, it was the first of my Gemme Six articles.

There are many unique scenes in Amiryu Hosoi’s stylized trip into Japanese History, to the Edo period when the great wars had ended and peace came to the land. I can’t explain my fascination with Japanese culture but I know it is a fascination shared by many Westerners.

This morning the news from Hosoi turned bleak again and the sims of Hosoi Ichiba sim group moved one step closer to being closed. So, while the sun was still rising in the sky I visited this place that had been the center of my second life as I learned about Japan and its history.

Many times I tried to understand Ami’s vision for these sims, but it was Akiko Omizu who explained it best. Ami had created a slice…

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